What's Your Worldview? An Interactive Approach to Life's Big Questions
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Crossway / 2014 / Paperback

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What's Your Worldview? An Interactive Approach to Life's Big Questions

Crossway / 2014 / Paperback

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CBD Stock No: WW538926

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Product Description

How Do You View the World?

It's a big question. And how you answer is one of the most important things about you.

Not sure what you'd say? Join James Anderson on an interactive journey of discovery aimed at helping you understand and evaluate the options when it comes to identifying your worldview. Cast in the mold of a classic "Choose Your Own Adventure" story, What's Your Worldview? will guide you toward intellectually satisfying answers to life's biggest questions - equipping you to think carefully about not only what you believe but why you believe it and how it impacts the rest of your life.

This is a perfect resource for college students in an introductory philosophy or worldview course, as well as anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of not only many different types of worldviews, but of his or her own way of looking at the world.

Product Information

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 112
Vendor: Crossway
Publication Date: 2014
Dimensions: 7.75 X 5.25 (inches)
ISBN: 143353892X
ISBN-13: 9781433538926

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Publisher's Description

Highly creative and interactive, this apologetics resource helps readers identify and evaluate 21 different worldviews through engaging yes-or-no questions and easy-to-understand descriptions. Appendices include answers to common questions and suggestions for further reading.

Author Bio

James N. Anderson (PhD, University of Edinburgh) is associate professor of theology and philosophy at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina, and an ordained minister in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. Anderson is a member of the Society of Christian Philosophers, the British Society for the Philosophy of Religion, and the Evangelical Philosophical Society.


I can think of readers to whom I would not give this book: they like their reading material to be straightforward exposition. The notion of an interactive book, where readers are forced to choose distinguishable paths and interact with discrete lines of thought, finding their own worldviews challenged - well, that does not sound very relaxing, and it may be a bit intimidating. But James Anderson has written something that is as creative as it is unusual: he has written a book in clear prose and at a popular level that nevertheless challenges readers to think, and especially to identify and evaluate their own worldviews. If the style is akin to 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books, the content is at least as entertaining and far more important.
-D. A. Carson,
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

This book will become 'the book' that will be used by campus ministers, students, and a host of others who are constantly being drawn into conversations concerning worldviews. The layout of this book is ingenious, helpful, and engaging. The information found in these short pages will provide accurate long-term care for those on a 'worldview journey.'
-Rod Mays,
Reformed University Fellowship

James Anderson's What's Your Worldview? is a delightfully innovative apologetic. I know of nothing like it. It gets the reader to interact by asking crucial worldview questions. Depending on the reader's answers, he is led to further questions, or to a conclusion. Animating the journey is a cogent Christian apologetic, showing that only the Christian worldview yields cogent answers to the questions. Anderson's approach is both winsome and biblical, as well as being the most creative apologetic book in many years. I pray that it gets a wide readership.
-John M. Frame,
Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando

Thanks to James Anderson for filling a massive gap in apologetics and worldview thinking. This book is unique in that it is wholly and broadly accessible to readers of any background and educational level, and yet written by an accomplished Christian philosopher. Written with wit, clarity, cogency and simplicity, this book ingeniously guides the reader from a chosen worldview to its implications. Urging the reader to connect the conceptual dots of his own thinking, this book should lead its reader either to turmoil or to truth. This will now be the first book on my list for people who ask ultimate questions about Christianity and its relationship to other ways of thinking. Get this book, read it, then get more to give away to friends and family.
-K. Scott Oliphint,
Westminster Theological Seminary

What's Your Worldview? offers a uniquely interactive approach to finding answers to life's biggest and most important questions. It makes identifying your worldview, and perhaps replacing it with a better one, an enjoyable adventure.
-Tim Challies

There has been a plethora of books written about worldview in the past 25 years, but Dr. Anderson has done something much better - he has written a book that helps you discern your worldview, and then ask yourself some penetrating questions about it. Is all as it should be in your worldview? Read on, and find out.
-William Fullilove,
Reformed Theological Seminary, Atlanta

For some time now, the church has been in desperate need of an accessible and practical tool that would help people evaluate the cogency and coherence of their worldviews. Finally, with this new book, that need is being met. James Anderson is one of the brightest new voices in the world of philosophical theology. You will not want to miss this book.
-Michael J. Kruger,
Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte

Not the last word on worldviews, but quite possibly the first! What's Your Worldview? is creative, clear, and fun, but with some 'nice' and necessary sharp edges. I hope and pray it will have the desired effect of making all those who read it stop and think (Isa. 44:19).
-Daniel Strange,
Oak Hill Theological College, London

Product Reviews

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  1. Jude
    London, ON
    Age: 35-44
    Gender: male
    4 Stars Out Of 5
    A unique and helpful apologetic resource
    February 17, 2014
    London, ON
    Age: 35-44
    Gender: male
    Quality: 4
    Value: 4
    Meets Expectations: 5
    Book Review - What's Your Worldview?

    James N. Anderson has written a helpful and informative book on worldviews called What's Your Worldview?: An Interactive Approach to Life's Big Questions. This book would likely be found in the apologetics section of a bookstore or library, but it would be significantly different than most, if not all, books found there. Though what makes it different is definitely part of the appeal of this book, it also provides the reader with a valuable resource for studying worldviews, for sharing one's faith, and for scrutinizing one's own beliefs.

    Since much of the blog and Twitter chatter involves the uniqueness of this book, we'll start with what it is that makes What's Your Worldview? special in the genre of apologetic books. Anderson immediately draws the reader's attention to this book's unusual feature: "Have you ever read one of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" (CYOA) books?" This is the first line of the book. And with this sentence the reader is introduced to the unique characteristic that is receiving so much attention. I'll not go into details about CYOA books as many are familiar with them. If you're not, a search on Wikipedia will give you the gist of how they work. The fact that this book on apologetics works like a CYOA book is what makes it unlike anything else out there. This format helps the reader find out their own worldview by presenting a series of questions. The answer to each question determines the destination (worldview) the reader arrives at. This was surprisingly fun and intriguing to experiment with. It added some suspense to the reading experience. This unique structure definitely adds to the attractiveness of the book. Particularly, I think unbelievers would find this a very comfortable feature.

    That is one reason why I suggest this book would also be a valuable tool in sharing your faith. I could easily see myself handing this to an unbelieving friend and asking them to see where they land when it comes to their own beliefs. And I think that process would encourage valuable discussions. What's Your Worldview? is a non-threatening way to engage those who don't share your beliefs and give them an opportunity to hear about Christianity's perspective on life. Anderson's work is not only a resource for sharing your faith, but it is also a resource for studying worldviews in general.

    The final destination for all readers will be one of 21 different worldviews which will be determined by how the reader answers a series of questions. The destination worldviews are 1-2 page summaries which are in and of themselves a very informative and helpful part of this book. This book will be a good reference to revisit when there are questions about different religions, philosophies, and outlooks on life. The worldview summaries that are represented in the book are as follows: Atheistic Dualism, Atheistic Idealism, Christianity, Deism, Finite Godism, Islam, Judaism, Materialism, Monism, Mysticism, Nihilism, Non-Mainstream Monotheism, Panentheism, Pantheism, Pelagianism, Platonism, and Pluralism. It must be obvious that a book that includes concise, readable summaries on all these belief systems would be of significant value. And one of the many worldviews that the reader will come to understand is their own.

    For the Christian reader, this book will help confirm whether or not what they believe actually lines up with historic Christianity. Or, it will clarify where one departs from the Christian perspective into another system of beliefs. Thus, it is a diagnostic for those who profess themselves as Christ-followers. Again, it seems to me that the value of this function of the book is evident.

    What's Your Worldview? is a fun and edifying book to read. It's Choose Your Own Adventure structure, unique in the realm of apologetical books, is the main reason why it is so fun to read. It provides more than entertainment as a tool for evangelism, a resource for study of worldviews, and a diagnostic of one's own beliefs. This is a book worth owning, reading, and re-reading.
  2. bookwomanjoan
    Oak Harbor, WA
    Age: 55-65
    Gender: female
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    Great tool to reveal your worldview
    February 2, 2014
    Oak Harbor, WA
    Age: 55-65
    Gender: female
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    Each one of us has a worldview, whether we realize it or not. It shapes how we view and respond to the world around us. It shapes our politics, other opinions, and how we interpret experiences.

    If you are not sure of your worldview, this book is for you. It will help you understand your own worldview and introduce you to some others.

    This book works like those "choose your own ending" books we used to read. You are given a question and, depending on your answer, directed to another page. After a number of question you will find yourself at a page describing your worldview, your overall view of all of reality. You will be able to identify your fundamental beliefs about God (whether He exists or not), truth (whether it is relative or absolute), meaning of life, etc.

    You might be surprised where your choices ultimately lead you. You can always go back and see what kind of a worldview you would have with different choices and resulting beliefs.

    Once you've figured out your worldview, you are encouraged to evaluate it and determine if you are actually living in a way consistent with it. There is a possibility that you might want to change your worldview. After seeing where your choices lead you, you may not like the result. Alternative worldviews are presented for your investigation.

    This book is by no means a complete look at worldviews. But that is not its aim. It is a jumping off point for thinking and talking about your own worldview. The author is quick to point out that he has a bias (as do all people because of their worldview). But I found the book to be a good objective exercise. I think anyone wanting to understand their own belief system will benefit from this book.

    I received a complimentary egalley of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.
  3. Wayne S. Walker
    Salem, IL
    Age: 55-65
    Gender: male
    4 Stars Out Of 5
    good information but format doesn't appeal to me
    January 28, 2014
    Wayne S. Walker
    Salem, IL
    Age: 55-65
    Gender: male
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 4
    How do you view the world? Everyone has a world view, but do you know what the word means? And do you know what your world view is? James N. Anderson, an associate professor of theology and philosophy at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC, and an "ordained minister" in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, has written this interactive journey of discovery aimed at helping people understand and evaluate the options when it comes to identifying their worldview. "Here are the main goals of this book: To help you identify and clarify your worldview. To encourage you to consider the big questions and to think through some of the implications of various answers. To help you appreciate that there are important differences between worldviews—and that not all worldviews are created equal!"

    What's Your Worldview? is cast in the mold of a classic "Choose Your Own Adventure" story, and there's the rub for me. The reader begins with one page and is asked a question. Depending on his answer, he'll be directed to another page which has a further question, a brief commentary, and directions to go to a final worldview page—or maybe go back to the original page and reconsider the question. In essence, I just don't like "Choose Your Own Adventure" type stories. In the introduction, Anderson says, "It's not meant to be read sequentially from cover to cover. (Please don't try to do that—you'll find it very confusing!)" So I tried to read it as directed. However, I found that to be very confusing, flipping from one page to another one up ahead and then to still another one further back. And after I had to put the book down, I wasn't always sure which page I needed to start on or what I'd already read when I picked it back up again. So I quit and just started reading it sequentially.

    Also, there is one glaring weakness which stood out to me. Anderson is obviously a staunch Calvinist, and he apparently assumes that his Calvinist worldview is necessarily a perfect match to a Biblical worldview. So he tars and feathers everyone who doesn't agree with his own belief that we're born sinful as having the worldview of "Pelagianism," which he implies is something different from a Christian worldview. Many, many Christians would not concur, and I believe that this will seriously limit the effectiveness of the work. Aside from this area of long-standing theological controversy, there is a lot of interesting, thoughtful material in the book. It is just that the "Choose Your Own Adventure" format simply does not appeal to me. However, it may well be attractive to many of the younger generation in helping them to think carefully about not only what they believe but why they believe it and how it will impact the rest of their lives.
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