1. Welcome to College: A Christ-Follower's Guide for the Journey
    Welcome to College: A Christ-Follower's Guide for the Journey
    Jonathan Morrow
    Kregel Publications / 2008 / Trade Paperback
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  1. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    Great Curriculum for Discussion of Senior HS students!
    February 11, 2016
    Momma Bina
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    Meets Expectations: 5
    I bought this book for a group of senior high school students as there was not much literature to ready our kids for transitioning to college. It is a great book, well organized from topic to topic. It will lead to exceptional discussion. Jonathan Morrow has a great perspective as a college student in todays world and how to continue your christian walk beyond high school.
  2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    April 25, 2008
    josh g
    I love this book. Being in college myself, this book is phenomenal. Jonathan does a great job of having a little bit for everyone. Whether you need relationship advice, a little lesson in apologetics, to just basics like how to take care of your health. It really is great. To college students" This isn't one of those cheesy books your grandparents buy you and the you use to fix that lop-sided dorm bed. This is the real deal.
  3. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    March 21, 2008
    Chris McLaurin
    Fresh out of High School and that last summer break, you pack up your child and send them out into the world. You have had 18ish years to prepare them for the world, and now you send them out into it. Your biggest concern is for their safety and that maybe they will call home now and again. But what about their faith? Have you, your church and their youth group been enough? Are they strong enough? Do they know where to find the answers? Do you? How do they deal with the first God is dead statement they hear from a professor? Morrow provides a handy and engaging resource for just this dilemma. Designed not just for full reading but also a flash-point resource, the book is packed with Godly wisdom, practical advice and been there, done that experiences. For situations that demand more information he provides a wealth of resources for further exploration and the end of each chapter as well as a synopsis of each chapter for quick review. Written for the new college student this book has value for anyone who has ever been stymied, stifled, cajoled, ridiculed or ostracized for trying to defend the faith. It will be even of greater value for those who dont even know were to start. It is a magnificent work in helping you to think Christianly, live Godly, build your faith and defend God and his word.
  4. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    February 22, 2008
    Michael Good
    Welcome to College is an outstanding work! As wise as it is current. Here are FIVE reasons why you should buy this book today.1. Relevant. Welcome to College is focused on college studentson their concerns, on their needs, and on this pivotal time of their lives. But it is not just a book for college students. It is for anyone who knows, interacts with, teaches, ministers to, parents, or is involved with college students (or college age folks). Welcome to College is a worthy read, no matter your age.2. Accessible. These chapters come out of a life lived. They are practical, thought out, lived out insights into a Christian life. Not just Jonathans life, but all of those hes served, worked with, and befriendeda vast number of whom are college students. Hes lived this stuff.3. Diverse subjects. Welcome to College synthesizes subject matter normally not found together. Practical how tos like how to deal with syllabus shock, bad roommates, alcohol use and abuse, are combined with intellectual challenges that many young people face on campuses like how Christianity and Science relate and what sort of things we can actually know to be true. Not to mention questions of Christian spirituality, like how to come to know Gods will, how become more like Jesus, and Biblical man and womanhood. This is a timely handbook.4. Great resource. Jonathan has thought through these many issues to provide a ready reference for the most common questions, concerns, and difficulties a college student will face. But knowing that every person is unique and generally will need more of one thing than another, he also provides an abundance of suggested readings and resources (internet and other) if one desires to dig more deeply into any of these issues.5. This book is an integrated expression of a Christian worldview and a great gift to the next generation of Christendom.
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