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  1. These Boots Weren't Made for Walking
    These Boots Weren't Made for Walking
    Melody Carlson
    Penguin Random House / 2007 / Trade Paperback
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    4 Stars Out Of 5 18 Reviews
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  1. 4 Stars Out Of 5
    September 18, 2007
    Rel Mollet
    Melody Carlson's foray into chick-lit is quite a departure from her usual dramatic novels but as I have come to expect she has made the transition with style! Cassidy is a realistic and down to earth woman whose world has suddenly become a lot smaller as she is forced to return to her hometown, miserable and lonely. The contrast between Cassidy's downtrodden attitude and appearance is cheekily contrasted with her mother's sexy new image, one more suited to a girl in her twenties than a woman pushing towards sixty. Her antics provide laugh out loud humour for the reader and mortification for Cassidy. While I found the focus on body image emphasized a little too much for my liking, Melody has written an entertaining and, at times, poignant tale of the transformation of a woman a depressed woman and the life changing impact faith and the encouragement of friends and family can have upon a person's self worth. These Boots Weren't Made For Walking is beautifully done!
  2. 3 Stars Out Of 5
    August 8, 2007
    This book held so much promise but ended up being on the dull side. Cassie's escapades could have been funnier and more exciting but there was too much "telling" the story and not enough "showing" it. The first chapter was great but it did not really get interesting again until about page 190 when Cassie started her new job. The tension between Cassie and her mother played out too long and was wrapped up too quickly. I really enjoyed the scene with mom and all the sisters but it happened too fast. The reconciliation, breaking-up, and new romance was jammed into the ending. I also expected more from a Christian novel than just being clean. Cassie didn't have much of a relationship with God. I really wanted to like this book and it was a nice alternative to secular chick-lit but it lacked spark.
  3. 4 Stars Out Of 5
    August 1, 2007
    This book was enjoyable from start to finish, although she seemed to wrap it up awfully quick! I could relate to Cassie in so many ways. I loved the workout stories and the bear suit! I could have done without the references to alcohol use, but I'm sure it's realistic in that world.
  4. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    June 6, 2007
    I know that there will be quite a number of Christian readers who will not like this book. The book is quite edgy so I can understand if some conservative readers might be turned off after reading the first few chapters. However, this is one of the best books I've read this year and I enjoyed it so much, we might have some words if you don't agree with me. (j/k!) I absolutely adored Cassie, her boots, and her story. This is chick lit at its finest. I could not put this book down. You have a character who you grow to love in spite of her flaws. All the elements of a mainstream chick lit book are here plus the added benefit of what it means to be a Christian. Cassie grows and matures throughout the book. The reader goes along for the ride and it's sometimes painful (the gym scenes are torturous) and hilarious at the same time (cougars! and the bear costume!) I really liked Will, he seems like a really good guy, and he also sounds really cute because he's described as being very nice. I did not like Cassie's ex, I'm glad she dumped him, and I cheered when he did. He had a really bad reason for breaking up with her too. The writing in this book is top notch. It is very descriptive and you really get into what it's like to be Cassie and to travel back to her hometown. The first person narrative really gets you into the story.One thing I would mention is that Cassie does drink some alcohol in this book. However she is not drinking to get drunk and she does not even finish her beer. I bring this up because I had problems in another Christian chick lit book that involved drinking. In this book, I did not find the drinking offensive because no one pressures Cassie to drink. It's her choice and it does not become a huge factor that changes her life.Melody Carlson is one of the best authors out there. Her teen books are fantastic, her adult ones even more so enjoyable. This book is VERY HIGHLY recommended. If you love chick lit, I guarantee you will devour this book.
  5. 4 Stars Out Of 5
    May 18, 2007
    I really enjoyed this book. One aspect of the book which makes is different from other chick lits is that the heroine really struggles with her weight and appearance. And her road to change is very realistic. The book also contains many truly funny scenes that had me laughing out loud. If you enjoy chick lit and its sassy voice, then you will enjoy this book, too.
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