1. The Openness of God
    The Openness of God
    Clark H. Pinnock, R. Rice, J. Sanders, William Hasker
    InterVarsity Press / 1994 / Trade Paperback
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  1. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    May 5, 2003
    This is the groundbreaking book that brought Open Theism back in to vigorous discussion. The authors rightly address some of the issues behind the issues. Namely, how Aristotelian perfection ideals have influenced most of Western theology, especially very pervasive and influential authors such as Hodge. Hodge, Augustine, Grudem, Piper and others present a wide sampling of those whose theology wreaks of Greek thought.The authors of this book address some of these major underlying issues that are involved in any responsible discussion of God, time, knowledge, humanity etc. That is one of the major strengths of the book. Not to mention of course, the Open View itself. The Open View, as described in this book, is the most coherent, useful, realistic, and God honoring view available. This book does not spend much time refuting any other view. However, it does point out the inconsistencies found in Calvinism, Simple Foreknowledge, Classic Arminianism, and Molinism. You may not adopt the view after reading this book, but it should become clear to you that it is coherent, evangelical, and biblical. The main obstacle, in my opinion, is not the validity of this view, instead it is our willingness to cast aside ancient Western falsehoods and "open" our minds to how the rest of the world has always thought. Also recommended: God, Time, and Knowledge by William Hasker; The God Who Risks by John Sanders; God of the Possible & Satan and the Problem of Evil by Greg Body; and for a reply to many modern critics of the Open View, Most Moved Mover by Clark Pinnock.
  2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    October 31, 2002
    Rev. Shelby Boese
    This was a wonderful book! I challenge Evangelicals to rediscover the fruit of the spirit and the Bible as the basis for discussing this view of God. Bill Hybels advice would be good for many who disagree with the OV and then move to demonize their fellow believers: "The one clear definition of what Love is, is to treat every person as thought they were more important than you. This means you should treat family members, friends, (open view evangelicals) employees, minorities, republicans and democrats as thought they are more important than you are." What is missing in those who demonize others who are presenting a sincere case for a bible-based model of God is the fruit of the Spirit and the love of God. The open view challenged me to re-read the Bible and church history without the "reformed-determinist" tradition filtering the older church and biblical traditions and text. Made me an open view person--because it is a BIBLICAL view of God. Good bye Aristotle!
  3. 2 Stars Out Of 5
    October 21, 2002
    Donald javery
    The authors have trespassed upon areas where they have no right to travel. God the Creator sees hears and knows every movement and every thought and what will transpire in each minute, of each hour of each day. This book if read by a majority would lose their way as far as knowing an all loving God who is guiding men through each day in the correct path. They have misrepresented God and His loving power available to all. HE knows everything.
  4. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    November 2, 2000
    Jennifer Billey
    This book is very thought provoking. It challenges the classical and traditional view of God and helps the reader to see God in a way that s/he may never have thought of before. The first two chapters are long and at some points difficult (because of the controversial nature). If your thoughts are not challenged by the evidences presented in this book maybe you should read it again.
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