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      March 29, 2010
      Carlton Jenkins
      Someone needs to teach Mr. Dobson a lesson or two about child abuse. He believe that the will of a child must be broken and made to conform with the will of the parent. He recommends physical punishment "of sufficient magnitude to cause genuine tears." After this sadistic display of Christian manliness, he then recommends that you fold the child into your loving arms. This is psychopathology, not pedagogy.
    2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      December 10, 2009
      Billy Clyde Rockett
      We gave this as a gift to our son and his wife. We have not read the book but our daughter (an English teacher) found it most valuable in rearing her son, now 11 years old.
    3. 3 Stars Out Of 5
      July 15, 2009
      This book helped me deal with my little boy who just has too many of his own thoughts. It helped me control him much more without breaking him in too much, just below the breaking point. Often I would find him asking disconcerting questions, some even concerning evil-ution of all things! I do my best to combat what the public school curriculum trys to smash in his fragile head with materials likes these. Thank you Dr. Dobson!
    4. 4 Stars Out Of 5
      November 26, 2007
      This book a most valuable tool for raising children with hearts towards the Lord. The book talks about getting to the heart of the matter by understanding the condition of a child's heart instead of ONLY disciplining the child for their behavior.
    5. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      November 2, 2007
      Amy D.
      Dr. Dobson has brought to life the challenges my husband and I am dealing with with our little boy. He has helped us to gain more insight into his little personality and given us ways that we can help him to channel all of that energy and shape his will in a way that is positive for our son, pleasant for us, and pleasing to the Lord. I highly recommend Dr. Dobson's book.
    Displaying items 11-15 of 16
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