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    1. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      March 6, 2009
      Rick Combs
      Great intro novel! It's like Eric Wilson's Aramis Black meets Brandt Dodson! Looking forward to more from Phillips!
    2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      October 24, 2008
      Liz Prescod
      Tommy touches every reader as he opens a window into his walk with Christ, his friendships, his love for his natural and church family. Frequently on his own and going it alone, he maximizes each opportunity to fulfill a Godly mission with an interesting twist. You will see and feel every emotion as it unfolds and leaves you ready for his next novel.
    3. 4 Stars Out Of 5
      August 5, 2008
      Susan Sleeman
      Tommy Cucinelle still has the ponytail, has the memories of a life gone off track, but has also accepted Jesus in his life and is living as a redeemed man. At least he thinks so, until the day his pastor asks him to turn back time. To apply principles Tommy learned as a gang member, finding people who dont want to found, and search for a missing person. Nancy Callahan, church secretary disappears and no one close to her knows why. Was her disappearance innocentmerely a move to another location or had she met with foul play? Thats what Tommy is charged with finding out for Pastor Ross and soon for Nancys sister Stacey as well. Tommy surges ahead to locate Nancy, no matter the cost. His longtime friend and former gang member, Tay pledges his support and hangs in there even when the search leads to a local Wiccan church. Even when they learn that the Wiccan group is planning a child sacrifice devoted to Molech, a pagan god. The hunt becomes personal when the group abducts Stacey and when Tommy begins to suspect his pastors involvement.Author Thomas Phillips has created a unique character in Tommy Cucinelle. Tommy is full of flaws and questions. Hes lived a hard life and though hes become a Christian he is still paying for his past and holding on to the intense pain his memories evoke. He keeps his feelings bottled up and keeps most people at arms length. In The Molech Prophecy, we watch Tommy change, learn to open up and let go of his pain. In all of this we find a believable character faced with a challenge that will test the strength of his faith. Phillips writing is straightforward and the story fast moving. The plot is believable and keeps you reading until it is resolved. The faith elements in the story are natural and totally in keeping with the characters personalities and past experiences. I read a galley issue so the story may have changed since I read it, but all in all this is a strong first effort for the debut author.
    4. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      June 25, 2008
      The Molech Prophecy by Thomas Phillips grabs the readers attention immediately. The mystery is in effect at the onset of the story. Tommy Cucinelle is a committed Christian who wants to live a righteous life. When the church he attends is vandalized, Tommy is approached by his Pastor. He believes that Pastor Ross is going to accuse him of the damage since the Pastor knows Tommys past. Well, the meeting is definitely about Tommys past, but Pastor Ross wants Tommy to use his former skills to investigate the disappearance of the church secretary.Thomas Phillips takes his time to build a meticulously laid plot. His characters breathe and feel and think. The reader can taste what they taste and see what they see. Phillips masterfully entwines the present with flashbacks from the past and handles both poignant and controversial situations with frankness, truth and grit. I felt the tension building in the story, yet the escalation was so subtle that the storys finale took my breath away.
    5. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      March 4, 2008
      Delia Latham
      Tommy Cucinelles days of gang involvement and violent criminal activities are over. As a Christian, hes turned over a new leaf and is living a new life.But when church secretary Nancy Callahan goes missing following a disturbing act of debasement and vandalism against the church, Tommys pastor asks him to use his abandoned skills to find her and ensure her safety. The hunt leads the former gang member and his friend Tay into a sinister world of witches and pagan gods. A local Wiccan covento which Nancy had some mysterious connectionseems particularly devoted to Molech, an ancient deity whose worshipers gave him their infants in sacrificial fire. All the while, Tommy attempts to deal with unresolved emotional issues and unwelcome memorieseven as he falls hard for the missing womans sister. When she also disappears, the hunt takes on an intensely personal edge. In the thick of the battle, Tommy questions the extent of his pastor's involvement with Nancy, along with his own commitment to God and his reasons for being a Christian.The Molech Prophecy is a soul-stirring message of hope, forgiveness and redemption wrapped in a spine-tingling tale of intrigue and nail-biting suspense. Thomas Phillips talks the talk and his charactersthough believably flawed and all-too-humanwalk the walk. Genuinely heart gripping!
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