1. The Complete Jewish Study Bible
    Hendrickson Publishers / 2016 / Hardcover
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  1. Mike
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    The Complete Jewish Study Bible
    December 7, 2022
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    I love this Jewish study Bible. it is well made and very easy to read. I highly recommend this Bible.
  2. Don C.
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    This is a beautiful, excellent Bible; I highly recommend it!
    November 30, 2022
    Don C.
    The Complete Jewish Study Bible is simply a great book and I believe every Jewish and Christian person should own one. It gives a tremendous amount of detail into the Jewish heritage and background and aspects that the Israelites and early Christians faced from a fresh perspective. I will state that it does make you learn and it is strongly suggested that you read the beginning of the book because it helps you understand the layout and concept but once so, you will be richly rewarded with a terrific Christian study Bible.
  3. Nemo
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    Beautiful Bible and Very Helpful
    November 18, 2022
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    I never thought that I would ever buy a "Jewish Bible" let alone eagerly recommend one. But recent Bible study and leadings led me to this beautiful Bible.

    BUY IT! This is now my go-to Bible for daily reading and some study (Jewish culture).


    --(seriously) NONE significant (see minor observations below)


    --absolutely gorgeous design--probably the best looking Bible that I have seen, elegant

    --very readable translation


    --nice paper quality (minimal bleed-through)

    --attention to detail, beautiful color in chapter intros, use of other color throughout to help define page elements (headers, chapters, etc.), but all done very tastefully--color helps the reader, not just surplus

    --nice page spacing and typography (the text just lays nicely on the page and looks nice)

    --TANAK ordering of Books

    --helpful comments and insights into Judaic life and thought, helps a Christian reader to better understand the Jewish context of the entire Bible without sounding artificial

    --footnotes helpful but not excessive or distracting

    --seems solid construction

    --lays flat

    --good size for daily reading (on lap)

    --TIP: read the excellent intro to this Bible (don't skip this as it helps immensely to understand this Bible)


    ----The Bible uses Jewish spellings of Jewish names. At first, this can be a little disorienting (Moshe = Moses, Aharon = Aaron). But, I quickly adapted, and the spellings helped me to better read the names and reflect upon them.

    ----The translation is good but on the paraphrase side of the spectrum. However, well done and readable.

    ----I wish I had purchased the leather cover because this Bible is just so nicely done. The synthetic cover is also nice, and a precisely coordinated blue, but was slightly sticky (I carefully wiped the Bible with a slightly damp cloth and this helped). I have not seen the leather cover so cannot comment on the value of that version. But, I would consider it as this Bible is likely to be a major part of your Bible study.

    ----The TANAK ordering may be unfamiliar for some at first. Yet this is a PLUS and helps to reader relearn the structure of the Bible from a slightly different ordering.

  4. Alana Banana
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    Beautiful Bible
    November 7, 2022
    Alana Banana
    This Bible is a good size for studying. Print size is easy to read. Excellent addition to my various Bible translations.
  5. Andy
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    To Know God, Know Hebrew Scriptures
    November 2, 2022
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    After nearly seventy years in Bible study God had recently awakened in me a desire to know Him better and deeper than before. I wanted to identify as much as possible with the ancient writers, their language and culture, and especially their heart-felt relationship with their God, ADONAI.

    It had never dawned on me that even the New Testament was written by Hebrews, although in the Greek language. And the few who were not ethnically Jewish were certainly steeped in Jewish culture, a tradition that energetically resisted Roman and Greek cultures, even to the point of rebellion. So I sought out a text that would better reflect that peculiar pride, that identity, that sense of nationality of a Chosen People, and I found it in this translation.

    Some benefits: Reading the OT in the traditional TaNak order reveals symbolism, wordplay, linkages and transitions between scrolls mostly lost in the Christian ordering of the books. The New Testament translation as well reflects the Hebrew manner of speech, idiomatic phrases and word order, and further linkages to TaNak events, symbols, images, and so much more. Hebrew words and terminology are sprinkled throughout with several articles and appendices to help with pronunciations, and to aid in comprehension; well explained, yet one doesn't lose track reading, from flipping around to look things up. There's just enough reference for all abut the serious scholar.

    Finally, the reading level is comparable to the older NIV and other plain English translations, easily understood down to grade school level, avoiding highly technical terms (which one may look up in another reference if needed), without being dumbed down. It even includes an appendix with Jewish holidays, holy days, and appropriate and traditional readings for Messianic Jewish believers. All in all a worthwhile addition to any Christian library, Messianic or otherwise.
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