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    1. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      March 4, 2008
      This maybe my favorit of all Strobels work, because of its abiltity to do it all! Whether its defending the Bible's validity and violence, exploring scientic evidence, or proving the resurrection, this book does it in a very effective manner! A good read!
    2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      June 11, 2002
      Paul Drake
      This book is a must have. It covers several very major questions regarding the faith and covers them well. It goes deep and yet is highly accessible and readable. Because each chapter is devoted to a different challenge or question, it hits the main points hard. Plus, Lee Strobel really picked the right people for the interviews. Each chapter is a gem and can be read by itself, and there are some questions that are addressed w/ in the chapters that are frequently asked questions these days that receive little attention in other apologetic works (those who have never heard the Gospel, God's vast killing in the Old Testament, the church's evil spots in history, etc.). Books and books have been written on each of the subjects in this book, but if you were going to get just one apologetics book this would be my recommendation. (It may also be good to pick up Case for Christ or More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell to cover questions regarding the gospel's trustworthiness/Jesus' deity, etc.)
    3. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      April 12, 2001
      Bob Roberts
      This was a wonderful sequel to the Case for Christ. I read them back-to-back. After proving the authenticity of the Bible and then countering the objections to Christ has been a real blessing. I am now going to read them a second time to cement this knowledge in order to be a much better prepared witness for Christ. Lee Strobel is right. Most of us argued against Christ in order to avoid accountability to the choices we make in life.
    4. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      October 16, 2000
      John Pierson
      I have just listened to the book on audio read by the author. (I have also read his previous book "Case for Christ" which also deserves a five rating.) Based upon the audio reading, this is a very well written and readable book that addresses all the questions people raise to "prove" God could not exist. In my opinion, anyone who is intellectually honest could not read this book and reject the existence of God. I will be buying multiple copies of the book for family and friends, as well as the church staff.
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