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    1. 4 Stars Out Of 5
      November 12, 2009
      Margaret Chind
      After reading an ARC version of the first book in the Prairie Promises Series, "The Bride Bargain", I was confused at two name changes, but that happens and it is my on fault for getting distracted and forgetting that had been an advanced reader copy before final edits.In this story once again readers are treated with descriptions of food and cooking of recipes on the prairie that bring interest and cause a mouth to water. There were more in the first book, yet this one also offered descriptions of bee-keeping that I never knew before or rather had even thought to ask. It was fascinating.This book brought a much deeper intrigue for me than the first as I honestly had no clue what would happen in the end of of any of the twists and turns to get there. That impresses me in a novel. I enjoyed picking up on the lives of characters I had met in the first book of the series and applaud Kelly's descriptions of their inner thoughts through what could only be reference as difficult situations. Scripture lessons on life and shocking surprises are woven through the page of this novel and I look forward to the final installment of the trilogy and of more to come from author Kelly Eileen Hake in the future.
    2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      November 10, 2009
      Christy Lockstein
      The Bride Backfire by Kelly Eileen Hake is the second book in the Prairie Promises series and picks up with the continuing feud of the Grogan and Speck families. Opal Speck and Adam Grogan seem to be the only level-headed members of their families. When Adam shows up trying to find a lost cow to prevent all-out war, his intentions are misconstrued by Opal's family, so she insists he's the father of her unborn child to save him from certain death and her family from the certain violence that will follow. Opal's kindness and beauty had caught Adam's eye, so he isn't entirely disappointed in his wife, but the idea of raising another man's child must be dealt with before he can make peace with this marriage. Hake has a true flair for writing romantic Westerns with a healthy dash of humor and faith. Opal and Adam's relationship moves in fits and starts as they have the usual misunderstandings, but the back story elevates this above your standard historical romance. Adam's brother Larry oozes psychopathy, which he obviously inherited from his mother, Lucinda, and both keep the story compelling. Hake is definitely an author to watch.
    3. Cherry Valley, IL
      Age: Over 65
      Gender: male
      5 Stars Out Of 5
      October 21, 2009
      Cherry Valley, IL
      Age: Over 65
      Gender: male
      While I didn't care for the story line of this book as much as the Bride Bargain, it still is a really well done book. It has the intrigue of two supposidly Christian families, who can both quote scripture, and yet hate each other. True to life? It is evident that Kelly Hake is a Christian, and it shows in her writing. Great reading. I recommend it.
    4. 4 Stars Out Of 5
      September 19, 2009
      Rebecca Herman
      In Nebraska Territory, 1857, there is a longstanding feud between two neighboring families, the Specks and the Grogans. When Opal Specks father discovers Adam Grogan on their property, he threatens to kill him. Opal saves Adams life the only way she can think of: by lying that he is the father of her unborn child. Thanks to her lie, Adams life is saved, but it also results in Opal and Adam being forced into a shotgun marriage.From the start, Adam doesnt want a real marriage. Not realizing that Opal made up the entire story to save his life, he believes that Opal is pregnant with another mans child, and her purpose in lying was to give her child a name. He is frustrated that Opal continues to refuse to tell him who the childs real father is. Opal doesnt know how to tell Adam that what he is believing is wrong, that she isnt pregnant and only wished to save him from her angry father. When she begins to fall in love with her husband and longs for their marriage to be a real marriage, but she doesnt know if Adam, who was forced to marry her, could ever love her for real. Can she manage to set things right with him?The Bride Backfire is an enjoyable western romance for readers who like inspirational romances or clean love stories that dont have graphic adult content. At times I got frustrated with Opal and wished shed just tell Adam the truth already, but that didnt keep me from enjoying the story, and I would give other books by this author a try.
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