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    1. Gender: female
      4 Stars Out Of 5
      beautiful pirate romance
      January 27, 2011
      Gender: female
      Quality: 5
      Value: 4
      Meets Expectations: 4
      I read this book via the NetGalley, thanks to Truly Bookish in http://trulybookish.blogspot.com/ and her valuable advice.

      I was enchanted by this book, which takes place alternatively in the high seas, on a deserted island and on a pirate ship. It is the story of a very unusual heroine and a very unusual hero.

      Hope is sold into slavery on an island in the Caribbean after being betrayed by the man she thought loved her when she was attempting to run away with him. Nathaniel, the hero, rescues her and proceeds to help her to go back to her home, in Charles Towne. That;s when their adventures begin, as the ship they are on is shipwrecked and then they are set upon by pirates.

      What was so unusual about the hero and the heroine was that they were realistic people with very few redeeming qualitites. At the beginning I was terribly frustrated by Hope, who is constatly flirting and behaving like a spoiled, immoral brat while getting everyone around her into trouble and then more trouble. I was also angry at Nathaniel however, who behaved in an ungentlemanly way towards her and seemed to resent every time he saved her even more than the last. He was also flirting with another woman throughout the book, which was really unfitting, since he was supposedly a christian and at the same time falling in love with Hope.

      Anyway, through their sparkling adventures, these mismatched people along with a crew of secondary characters discover themselves and God. And that changed everything. It changed them, it changed their relationship to one another, and it changed everyone around them.

      That's what I adored about this book, besides the wonderful adventure and the breath-taking romance.

      God is really present in this book and I learned a lot for myself, about my personal relationship with God.

      I felt as if this book was full of lavish, vibrant colours, what with all the adventure and everything, and full of tender hues because of the beautiful romance. It also had depth, which is something that I haven't found in christian fiction books recently.

      These were real people with actual flaws that didn't behave as if they belonged to a book, but would remind you of someone you know, or even yourself.

      I am thinking of buying this book so that I can have it in my bookshelf. I suggest you do, too.

    2. Wyoming
      Age: 18-24
      Gender: female
      5 Stars Out Of 5
      December 10, 2010
      Age: 18-24
      Gender: female
      Quality: 5
      Value: 5
      Meets Expectations: 5
      This book is one that all women - especially young ones - need to read! The heroine's story - whose severe emotional damage leads her to be loose - speaks of what young women today experience in a culture where our self-worth is judged on how provacatively we dress and purity is considered an embarassment. I found the hero of the story to be somewhat a picture of Christ - a Man who loves us no matter what our pasts hold, and who makes us pure and clean and holy. This book was an encouragement to me to remain completely pure despite living in such a horrible world, and I believe it will bring healing to readers who feel soiled by past mistakes.
    3. Redding, CA
      Age: 45-54
      Gender: female
      5 Stars Out Of 5
      September 24, 2010
      Deborha Mitchell
      Redding, CA
      Age: 45-54
      Gender: female
      I just finished reading this novel for the second time. If you enjoy historical Christian romance novels, this one will not disappoint. The continuing story from The Red Siren, The Blue Enchantress takes you on another adventure on the high seas. You will find yourself totally enthralled in this story. Follow Hope Westcott as the Lord works his wonders in her life. As you may know, this is Book Two in a trilogy, so you must buy the third!
    4. 4 Stars Out Of 5
      August 18, 2010
      Angie Lippard
      After finishing "The Red Siren," I couldn't wait to read "The Blue Enchantress." The book opens with action, tension and jaw dropping moments. I was immediately caught up as I found Hope on the verge of being auctioned away as a slave. Mr. Nathaniel Mason just happening along at the exact moment and then hearing Hope actually confess to having an affair with a married man...and that was the first 15 pages! I knew this book was going to be goood.This book is the second one in a three book series. I have loved all the books in the series for different reasons. In this one we have Pirate Captains, duels, being marooned on a deserted island - all the classic elements you think of when you think of books about Pirates. I don't recommend reading this book out of order. Hope and Nathaniel are mentioned in book one briefly but you really need Hope's back story that is confessed in Red Siren. You start to realize why she acts the way she does and what she believes about herself.Overall Rating: 4 stars Hope has had some major issues in her life. She is hurting emotionally but covers it up by being shallow, spoiled and self-centered. She can only see what she wants without how it affects others or how her actions will be interpreted. As she tries to be a new creation without Christ, her past holds her back and trips her up at every turn.Enter kind, frustrated, strong Mr. Mason. I fell in love with him the moment he gave almost all he had in the world to save her but now he's got an enchantress on his hands as he tries to see her back home safely to Charles Town. How much can one man take?The Christian theme of forgiveness, grace and trust come through clearly in this book. I liked how her past was forgiven but not forgotten. The Spiritual warfare element was stronger in this book than the first. I loved how the weather patterns changed when the characters were locked in a spiritual battle or struggling with their faith.
    5. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      July 20, 2010
      This book to me was better that the Red Siren. I know alot of people feel the way Hope did. She was not at fault for being violated but the guilt still remains. I will read more from M.L. Tyndall. When you think of pirates you usually don't think of God along with them. This writer does a real good job showing how God can change the hearts and lives of anyone. Real good series!!
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