The Best Is Yet to Come: 60 Devotions - eBook
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The Best Is Yet to Come: 60 Devotions - eBook  -     By: Fran Fernandez

The Best Is Yet to Come: 60 Devotions - eBook

Zondervan / 2009 / ePub

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Stock No: WW3239EB

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Stock No: WW3239EB
Zondervan / 2009 / ePub
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Product Description

Hungry for more of God and the abundant life he's promised? Nourish your soul with these 60 devotions for women in the second half of life! Through meaningful meditations, targeted Scripture, focused prayer, and practical application, you'll rediscover your potential as a woman of God and find your fulfillment in a deeper relationship with him. Hardcover.

Product Information

Title: The Best Is Yet to Come: 60 Devotions - eBook
By: Fran Fernandez
Format: DRM Protected ePub
Vendor: Zondervan
Publication Date: 2009
ISBN: 9780310560555
ISBN-13: 9780310560555
UPC: 025986560553
Stock No: WW3239EB

Publisher's Description

The Best Is Yet to Come is an encouraging and motivating devotional for women who have been so caught up in the hectic pace of life that they have forgotten their own greatness and potential as women of God. Offering sixty devotional meditations with targeted Scripture, focused prayer, and practical application, this devotional guide was written for women by a woman—a minister, mother, and grandmother, who knows that a woman’s fulfillment is found in a deeper relationship with God. Author Fran Fernandez says, "Today’s Christian woman is hungering for more of God and the abundant life He promised. To reach, and maintain this goal of intimacy with the Lord, daily, she has to stop to refuel at the source—God and His word. Only in this secret place hidden in the arms of her beloved, her ear pressed against His heart,can a woman be complete." Written with baby boomer women in mind, the timeless principles apply to any Christian woman, no matter what her age or background. The Best Is Yet to Come shows women that God is calling them to ever greater works, and that a truly dedicated woman of faith is never limited to what has been, because she worships the God of unlimited love and possibility.

Author Bio

Fran Fernandez is a pastor, speaker, teacher, and writer who lives in New York with her husband of forty-five years.

Author Interview

#1. Question: They say you can’t tell a book by its cover. What does this eye-catching cover with a piece of scrumptious looking chocolate cake, say about what’s inside your book, The Best Is Yet to Come?

Answer: Actually this pretty cover says much about this devotional book. The title comes from a story that’s been going around the internet for years—the story of a woman preparing her funeral service with her pastor. After describing what type of service/music etc. she wanted ,she told him to make sure to put a fork in the casket.

The pastor asked her to explain. She replied that whenever the church held dinners, the people who clean up after the main course, would always say, “Keep your fork, the best is yet to come”—meaning the dessert! This lady knew heaven was the dessert of living – the best part for the Christian.

Well, for Christian women, at whatever age, the best is not only yet to come when we get to heaven. It’s here on earth, everyday. When you walk with God, the best is ever before us. This sixty day devotional was written to show women they can always have God’s best as they come to Him with devotional book and bible in hand, to sit as His feet. For, when we walk with God, we only go from good to gooder, to gooder yet. With Him, it’s always dessert time, and no added calories.

2. Question: Some women would rather just read the bible and not use a devotional—what would you say to them?

Answer: While agreeing in principle—for the Word indeed has all we need—I would say in reality, that women miss out if they don’t avail themselves of the added seasoning of others. Those who can share from experience their wisdom and unique perspective (having been there—done that). God also gives the ability and desire to some of His children to delve into depths of the word, and then the gift to make it understandable, enjoyable and practical to women for everyday living.
Summing it up, I’d say using a good devotional adds to a Christian woman’s daily walk, and her understanding of the Word and God.

3. Question: Why did you write this book?

Answer: I wrote this book because I have always enjoyed using daily devotionals in my time with God. During my thirty-eight years of walking with God, I have grown to love Him, and His word more and more. I find as I press in for more of Him, I always find Him waiting with open arms. I want women to taste the depth, and the passion of this love the Lord has for each one, and His deep desire for them to seek Him diligently.

I pray that what I have written will inspire women daily to enter in with great anticipation to the place where He is. It is there, and there alone, they will find that for which you were created — Him. It is for this that I wrote this book.

4. Question: What makes The Best Is Yet To Come, different from other devotionals?

Answer: While there are some good devotionals books out there, I find too many of them are what I call “fluff and stuff.” Meaning they’d be better titled as motivational book. I am not saying that biblically based devotionals are not to be motivational—for there’s nothing more motivational than the Word of God. One main purpose of my devotional is the hope of motivating women to seek more of God on a daily basis. What I mean is, too many devotionals are merely hip-hip-hurrah! –with no substance to be lasting or life changing.

The Best Is Yet to Come is solidly, uncompromisingly based on Word and heart of God. Every devotional goes back to, or is directly from the Word. Again, there are other devotionals based on this principles of the Word, but are perhaps written by men, or do not have personal applications or a prayer to tie it up. Through the years, I have always loved a devotional with a prayer and application to make it personal for me. The lack of this type of devotional on the market is one of reasons I wrote this devotional.

My devotional is written by me, (a woman) who has for thirty seven years walked with God, worked with women, studied the Word of God, been in full time ministry for twenty years—all which have giving me a well of experience, and knowledge of God through the ups and downs of daily life that are uniquely feminine .

5. Question: Sometimes we can have religious ideas about a woman’s walk with God, what would you like to tell them?

Answer: I’d love for them to truly know that God didn’t die for us only to get to heaven. He died to be in, and with us, and to enable us to have an adventurous, intimate walk with Him—every day! He calls us His Beloved, and desires that we come away with Him, where we will always see—He is altogether lovely. And it goes without saying, that I believe The Best Is Yet To Come, will help women on this divine quest.

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