Taking the Lead: Winning Business Principles that Fuel Joe Gibbs Racing
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Taking the Lead: Winning Business Principles that Fuel Joe Gibbs Racing  -     By: Dave Alpern, David Thomas

Taking the Lead: Winning Business Principles that Fuel Joe Gibbs Racing

Tyndale Momentum / 2021 / Paperback

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Stock No: WW6444578

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Stock No: WW6444578
Tyndale Momentum / 2021 / Paperback

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Product Information

Title: Taking the Lead: Winning Business Principles that Fuel Joe Gibbs Racing
By: Dave Alpern, David Thomas
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 256
Vendor: Tyndale Momentum
Publication Date: 2021
Weight: 10 ounces
ISBN: 1496444574
ISBN-13: 9781496444578
Stock No: WW6444578

Publisher's Description

The president of Joe Gibbs Racing—the winningest team in NASCAR history—shares the secrets of succeeding in business and in life.
In NASCAR, as in life, the difference between winning and losing often comes down to being in the right place at the right time and making the most of every opportunity.

Nobody understands that better than Dave Alpern. Dave started his career as an unpaid intern selling T-shirts for the newly formed Joe Gibbs Racing team. Nearly three decades later, he’s now the president of JGR, a multimillion-dollar elite, record-setting racing team with more than 500 employees. In Taking the Lead, Dave shares the wisdom he’s learned along the way: key principles that will equip you with what you need to rise to the top and succeed with integrity and purpose—whatever team you’re on.


Dave has had the opportunity to work with leaders of successful corporations and with Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs during his career at Joe Gibbs Racing. This book does an excellent job distilling those experiences into practical advice to equip you to be more successful in your professional and personal life.
-T. Michael Glenn, retired executive vice president of FedEx

I have lived a lot of life with my friend Dave Alpern, and I can honestly say few have combined business with keeping a nonstop Christlike posture the way Dave has. From stories about how to be a fountain and not a drain with your workmates, to how to care for what’s most important in your life, to “traits of the greats,” Dave shares his key life experiences to help you “take the lead” in your own life. Well done, Pernski!
-Marty Snider, NBC Sports

Taking the Lead is about a man’s willingness to serve. Dave Alpern’s humility, transparency, and perseverance are inspiring. But his abiding loyalty to those around him, especially to J.D. Gibbs, and his deep faith in Jesus Christ are at the foundation of his leadership and life story. In the end, we witness a leader who embodies the cultural values of Joe Gibbs Racing: honor God, put people before profits, and relentlessly pursue winning. It’s like Dave is standing before us in the race of life and giving the command, “Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!”
-Newt Crenshaw, president and CEO of Young Life

I spent twelve years at Joe Gibbs Racing and got to know Dave really well. Even during the most challenging times, he kept a positive outlook. While he has learned a lot from Coach, Dave has always had an impressive work ethic and a keen understanding that the right way of doing things is the only way. He’ll come out on top in a battle of wits, too. Dave’s sense of humor puts everyone at ease. If you’re looking for a leader, just look to Dave.
-Tony Stewart, three-time NASCAR Cup Series champion and NASCAR Hall of Famer

Taking the Lead is an engaging and inspiring celebration of life and faith by someone who knows he was blessed beyond measure, found his passion, did well, and did good. Whether you are a NASCAR fan or not, you’ll find that Dave Alpern’s story is an amazing saga of perseverance, creativity, dedication, and friendship.
-Nicholas Didow, professor at the Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Coach Gibbs has always said that you win with people. I know from my own experience that running a race team can be difficult even under the best of circumstances, but in recent years Joe Gibbs Racing has had more obstacles than most. Dave Alpern has been a steady influence throughout a lot of those challenging times. Taking the Lead does a great job of taking you behind the scenes and showing you how Dave and the many other key people at JGR help us continue to win at a high level. For as long as I’ve known him, Dave has shown endless energy doing his job at JGR. He is a respected executive within the NASCAR industry and is equally as dedicated to his family and his faith.
-Kyle Busch, two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion and NASCAR’s all-time wins leader

Having been in relationship with Dave, Coach, J.D., and the JGR crew since the very beginning, I can say that alignment on the principles outlined by Dave in Taking the Lead are what brought us together, and those same principles have sustained our winning relationship for all these years. What a ride it has been!
-Scott Miller, CEO of Interstate Batteries 

It didn’t take long for me to realize that Dave Alpern was not only a great person but was also going to grow into a great leader at JGR. We’ve spent a lot of time together over the years. Pern is a great friend, a great role model, and a man of God.
-Bobby Labonte, Hall of Fame NASCAR driver

I have had the privilege of knowing Dave Alpern since high school. Along with being a great father and husband, Dave embodies what it means to be a servant leader by leading with a meek strength that is rare in men. I have watched him serve with excellence throughout his many roles at JGR, and he has much wisdom to share with us through the principles he has learned on his journey from unpaid intern to president of JGR.
-Toby Mac, seven-time Grammy Award winner and multiplatinum recording artist

J.D.’s influence on this book, its author, and the DNA of Joe Gibbs Racing lives in these pages. I’m proud that Dave wrote this book so that others can see and ultimately learn from the culture Coach Gibbs and J.D. instilled in their top-flight organization. The style in which Dave offers real-life experiences followed by questions for the reader to reflect on is effective and thought-provoking.
-Denny Hamlin, three-time Daytona 500 champion and driver of the #11 FedEx Toyota Camry for Joe Gibbs Racing

Dave Alpern humbly and transparently shares his personal and professional journey and traces his rise from the “T-shirt guy” to the president of Joe Gibbs Racing. I loved hearing so many of Pern’s familiar stories told within the context of rich business and life lessons.
-David Wilson, president of Toyota Racing Development (TRD)

Successful in family, faith, community, and career, Dave Alpern knows how to lead and the qualities it takes to be a great leader. And it starts with sharing, and that’s exactly what he does here in this brilliant book.
-William Clements, general manager of Mars Properties and Family Brands

Without a doubt, Pern has led a lot of amazing things, and you are about to experience them in Taking the Lead. To me, though, I am most impressed and encouraged by who Dave is. It is his heart and character that is revealed throughout every page of this book. Dave is an incredible leader, father, “bro,” friend, champion, Kingdom builder, and most importantly, a son of God. So enjoy every story, every leadership nugget, and most importantly, my servant-leading friend and his passion to strengthen others.
-Jack Hollis, senior VP of automotive operations for Toyota Motor North America 

Taking the Lead is an excellent story of leadership lessons learned while overcoming the personal challenges and self-doubt that all great leaders experience. But perhaps more importantly, it’s a touching tribute to a best friend lost too early and to an amazing mentor in Coach Gibbs. Through a culture focused on people first, Joe Gibbs Racing has built a team that goes fast and delivers, operating with the fundamental belief that winning in life is winning the race.
-Shannon Lapierre, CCO of Stanley Black & Decker

Dave Alpern has been a friend and mentor to me for more than twenty years, and his measured, graceful approach to leadership is rare and impactful. But nothing he has accomplished professionally has impacted me more deeply and personally than his wisdom. In a moment of great complexity and confusion for me as a father, Dave picked me up and walked me through his lifelong negotiation of Tourette’s syndrome and the difficulty he faced in attempting to articulate that moment-by-moment negotiation to his own parents and friends. Seeing his success and relationship skills while managing Tourette’s gave me tremendous hope.
-Marty Smith, ESPN reporter/host and author of the New York Times bestseller Never Settle: Sports, Family, and the American Soul

I’ve known Dave since he and I both started working in NASCAR almost thirty years ago. I can tell you firsthand that Dave Alpern lives out the mission-driven life. After working for more than two decades alongside legendary Coach Joe Gibbs, one of the most focused and godly men on earth, Dave has a truly unique perspective on life as a leader, friend, father, and husband. I really admire Dave’s steadfast commitment to his faith, his family, and his mission in life.
-Marcus G. Smith, president and CEO of Speedway Motorsports

Dave’s book is an inspiration for anyone looking for purpose or a North Star in their business or personal life. He reveals deeply personal stories on how he has learned to follow his heart and his faith and describes the great people he has learned those lessons from. Dave provides great insight on how to find motivation from the people around you, and his words on the importance of relationships and putting people first are a must-read for anyone looking to ensure their focus is on the things matter. I am proud to call Dave a friend and proud of him for sharing his wisdom and his faith so we can all learn from him.
-Jill Gregory, former NASCAR CMO and current executive vice president of Sonoma Raceway

You should take the lead from Dave Alpern, a leader whose principles extend from his personal character to his business relationships. I can’t think of a better person to learn from than Dave. With this book as a guide, each of us can be the Dave on our teams, leading them to even greater success.
-Monica Skipper, vice president of brand experience marketing at FedEx  

This book is more than good; it’s one of the most authentic and thought-provoking playbooks for winning in business and in life. Get ready to be challenged. Be prepared to see Dave’s mastery in synthesizing our calling and maximizing our impact. If you ever wonder what it means to plan as if you’ll live forever but live as if today is your last, this will get you going. This book will remind you why legacy matters and of the power of your yes.
-Manny Ohonme, founder, president, and CEO of Samaritan’s Feet International 

“Why me?” Who else but me! In Taking the Lead, Dave transparently walks us through a chapter of his life he never imagined and never wanted. In a moment of unexpected change, what does it take to rise to the occasion? Understanding the importance of relationships, and faith—real faith, not some folly or wild fairy tale, a faith Dave first witnessed in his dearest friend, a living example of Christ to him that he honors to this day. For each of us a moment comes when we, too, may be unexpectedly “taking the lead,” and you, like Dave, can confidently conclude, “Who else but me?”
-Billy Mauldin, president and senior chaplain of Motor Racing Outreach

Just as it is in our personal lives, faith is a critical element in business. Faith in your colleagues, your company, your mission, and most importantly, in a purpose far larger than your day-to-day work. Dave Alpern understands the relationship between faith and achieving true fulfillment in business and in life, and the rise and success of Joe Gibbs Racing is a testament to that achievement. In Taking the Lead Dave speaks to that connection and the ubiquitous role faith plays in leading a purpose-driven life. This book is a valuable read for anyone wanting to learn and improve.
-Steve Phelps, president of NASCAR

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