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    1. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      July 4, 2009
      What an incredible cd! Jon Foremans vocals flowed from the fast pace punk sound of Oh Gravity! to the beautiful lyricism of Let Your Love Be Strong and Head Over Heels (the latter two would make great worship songs to possibly be sung in church!) To all you music lovers out there, from Coldplay and U2 fans, to Green Day fans, who want to find a very Christian album that speaks honestly and intelligently to todays culture: This Album Is FOR YOU!!! The only weak spot on the cd is possibly Amateur Lovers, which yes speaks about meaningless love, but doesn't sing about a way out. However, as preacher's kids they wrote other songs included on the cd pointing to God, and indeed borrowed some references to the Bible. They are, in my opinion, still strong in their faith and coming up with positive new tunes that still end up finding their way to mainstreem music stations. My bottom line is: they might now have a strong mainstream appeal but they haven't lost their Christian roots or their faith. They have updated their sound but haven't lost their soul in the process. Go for it Switchfoot! By the way Hello Hurricane is coming out later in '09. Don't miss it!
    2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      June 1, 2009
      Abinya Clark
      Switchfoot is a very good band. Their songs are catchy, and lyrics good. I don't know how anyone can not like Switchfoot!
    3. 2 Stars Out Of 5
      February 22, 2008
      Maximus Christian
      After reading many of these reviews, and seeing that most are very positive, it makes me sad that I have to give this one a negative review. Having said that, this is why I say that this release from Switchfoot is bad.Dont get me wrong I like Switchfoot. I have liked their previous 5 albums. There are a few good songs on this album that are lyrically thought-provoking and flow well, such as Dirty Second Hands and Awakening, which to me are the picks of this album. The rest, well, they seem to be very mainstream and average. Amateur Lovers seemed to live up to its title it sounds very amateur-ish in its lyrics and song flow, as did Circles, Yesterdays is ultimately very depressing to listen to, and as a result, I always skip it, American Dream doesnt seem to apply for anyone living outside of America, and the rest seemed to lose their flow midway through the song! Many of these songs are not catchy enough, and I think that really does count against this album badly. Although I dont think that Switchfoot have lost their Christian faith, this album seems to show otherwise in some areas. If you are looking for a mainstream/secular album, this may fit the bill for you. If you are looking for a Christian music album, this is not an album to buy.I was overall disappointed with this release, and I hope Switchfoot does better than this in future.
    4. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      January 31, 2008
      michael hildreth
      Switchfoot is the best band i have heard in a long time. They have given me christian music that even the people who are secular and have secular music can relate to. This is a very catchy album that anyone could could get used to in the first time listening to it. I cant wait until there next album comes out it'll be the best one yet
    5. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      November 18, 2007
      I thought that this was even better than Nothing is Sound! They kinda changed their sound from rock to punk rock but I think that they sound even better than before! People have reviewed this and said that the song "Oh! Gravity" has no meaning but it does. It's a cry for peace and love. I personally think that this CD was easier to understand than Nothing is Sound. I never get tired of listening to this! It's awesome! SF ROX!
    Displaying items 1-5 of 28
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