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      When You Are Ready To Move Past The Grief And See
      December 15, 2011
      Lisa Copen
      Quality: 5
      Value: 5
      This book by Edna Ellison is an amazing workbook to hold in your hand and work your way through if you are trying to figure out how to use the pain in your life to encourage other people.

      I am happy to be able to call Edna a friend through a Christian women writers organization, but even I didn't know all that she had experienced in her life until I read this book. This woman has every right to write about her journey with suffering and how to use it for God's plans.

      This is an interactive 6-week Bible study that helps guide the reader through her pain and to a point where she can see how God may just use it. In my opinion, this book would most benefit those who have gone through the grief cycle of a period of suffering, who are now looking for how to use this pain and experience for God's glory.

      For example, if you were diagnosed with a chronic illness last week, this book likely will not meet your needs--yet! But when you have gone through the times of grief, anger, bargaining with God, etc. and are to the point where you want to step out of that grief cycle and into a place where God can use your pain, this is one of the best books I have ever seen to lead you on the next steps.

      In the chapter, "Trusting in Others: God Given Guidance" it explains the need for women to have mentors and some possibilities for you to become a mentor for women in your neighborhood, church, or as a volunteer at an organization.

      "Praying For Others With Serious Problems" explains how to pray for those who are suffering a great deal. This topic is one that Christian leaders are somehow just expected to know how to do, but are rarely taught.

      "Your God-Given Passion: God's Motivation" reminds us how look for the "hurt points" we have had in our life and to recognize how they may be the most important ways that God can use us, as we can relate with the hurts others are going through.

      If you are tired of just reacting to the pains in your life, and you are ready to pro-actively respond to them instead--in ways that will bring God glory and help you discover His will for your life--this book is for you! Edna wraps her arms around you, cautious to tread lightly on your hurts that still may be a bit raw, but she also encourages you and helps the reader see the potential God has for all the sufferings in her life.

      The fact that this is a workbook, and not just a book to read, makes it a tool to not just encourage you to follow the plans God has for your life, but a way to actually be able to discover them, focus them, and then start reaching for them.

      This book is 224 pages, and is larger than your average book at 8.9 x 7.5 inches.

      Be sure to bookmark this book at least, because there may likely come a day when you are ready to take the next step towards seeking out God's purpose for your pain and this will be the book you want to pick up to work your way through the transformational time.
    2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      February 4, 2008
      Pat Chadwick
      No doubt about it... life is tough. Everyone goes through tough times. Like a lighthouse in the midst of a storm, author Edna Ellison is there to guide the reader through the troubled darkness into the light of God's love. This book is full of Scripture that brings hope to the human heart.This is a wonderful study to use either individually or in a group setting to help the reader deal with painful issues. This book reminds us that though weeping may last for the night, joy comes in the morning (Psalm 30:5).Excellent.
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