I Stand With Christ: The Courageous Life of a Chinese Christian - eBook
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I Stand With Christ: The Courageous Life of a Chinese Christian - eBook  -     By: Zhang Rongliang, Eugene Bach

I Stand With Christ: The Courageous Life of a Chinese Christian - eBook

Whitaker House / 2015 / ePub

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Stock No: WW77710EB

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Stock No: WW77710EB
Whitaker House / 2015 / ePub
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Product Information

Title: I Stand With Christ: The Courageous Life of a Chinese Christian - eBook
By: Zhang Rongliang, Eugene Bach
Format: DRM Protected ePub
Vendor: Whitaker House
Publication Date: 2015
ISBN: 9781629113388
ISBN-13: 9781629113388
Stock No: WW77710EB

Publisher's Description

"My name is Zhang Rongliang, and I am an unashamed follower of Jesus Christ.…It is considered quite dangerous to reveal the contents of this book, but these are stories that need to be told for God’s glory and for the encouragement of the church."
So begins this extraordinary first-person account by the prominent leader of one of the largest underground churches in China. A former Communist Party member, Zhang took a stand for Christ and was targeted for prison, work camps, and torture, all the while helping to build a network of millions of faithful believers. Spanning the time of Mao’s regime to today, Zhang testifies of God’s supernatural movements, of the sacrifice of countless Christians who loved and served Christ—regardless of the cost—and of the exciting new vision among believers in China to reach not only the Chinese but the entire world with the gospel.

Author Bio

Zhang Rongliang has been a leader of the Chinese House Church Fangcheng (China for Christ Church) in Henan Province for thirty years. He has been persecuted and tortured, and has spent a quarter of his life in prison. Zhang continues to lead, inspire, and disciple within Fangcheng.

Editorial Reviews

As I read this book, I cried until I finished it. Once I picked it up, I could not put it down. I consumed it in one day. I was shocked at the kind of witness Pastor Zhang Rongliang has been for the Lord. Instead of touching the lives of just a few people, God has used him to touch the lives of millions all across China.

Those who heard the messages preached by Zhang Rongliang ended up surrendering their lives, picking up the cross, and following Jesus. As I read this book and thought about the people involved with Pastor Zhang, I had to stop and ask myself, "What kind of people are these?" These people are crazy. They willingly give up their own freedom and comfortable lives to take on a life of persecution and hardship. These are not normal people. Normal people do not do the things that are found in this book. Normal people just want to have a family, live their lives in comfort, and have good health.

Again, as I read this book, I was not able to hold back my emotion. On one side, I appreciate how God’s rescue and mercy continued throughout the challenging times of China’s early years, but on the other side, I want to pray that God will keep His children protected from persecution. This story of Zhang should remind us that no matter how comfortable life is, we should never forget the lessons of hardship. Hardship and persecution have always been with the church since its beginning. If the church truly follows in the footsteps of Jesus, then hardships are inevitable. Every early disciple had to learn this lesson, and many met death in the glorious fires of persecution.

So what is our responsibility today? I think that this book makes us ask if we are truly willing to suffer for the Lord. It compels us to ask if we are truly willing to give our lives for Him as He did for us. Around the world today, there are many Christians who are suffering and being tortured for Jesus Christ with the hopes of one day being reunited with our heavenly Father. That is what this book reminds us of.

I Stand with Christ describes the deepest details of Pastor Zhang’s life. Maybe, like me, you will not be able to hold back your tears as you read this story. My heart was revived and my spiritual life was challenged after reading this book. My prayer is that Pastor Zhang will never again suffer from the pain of chains, shackles, whips, or starvation in prison but instead fly like an eagle until the Lord calls him home.
—Xiao Min, Singer and songwriter for the underground house church

I view Pastor Zhang Rongliang as an outstanding and respected leader in the Chinese underground church. We have had more than thirty years of serving together. Through the years, we have had some disagreements, but the love that we share keeps us working together in Christ. Together, we have been in the same boat of persecution, faced the same storms, and faced suffering together.

I am so glad to witness his story finally being told in this long-awaited autobiography. Pastor Zhang has witnessed God’s leading hand of protection at every turn of his life. His story is not about him alone but is the story of the Fangcheng underground house church—one of China’s largest house church networks. If you read Pastor Zhang’s story, you will also learn the details of the last forty years of history in China’s church.

Pastor Zhang’s story is one that brings glory and praise to God, because we can witness how the faithful rely upon God during the hardest times in life. My hope is that this book will bring revival and encouragement for brothers and sisters around the world and leave an eternal spiritual blessing for the church of Jesus Christ.
—Pastor Chen Xiao Fu, Beijing

When I finished reading the story about Zhang Rongliang, I immediately felt that this is a book that all pastors should read. This is not just the experience of one pastor but also the story of the underground church in China. The last sixty years of China’s church history can be better understood by reading I Stand with Christ. There are so many things about the underground house church that are not known to the rest of the world, but Pastor Zhang’s personal testimony fills in the blanks. I am so thankful for this book.

Zhang Rongliang’s life is full of miraculous marvels that come as the result of relying upon Jesus. From begging for food, to tending sheep, to being a member of the Communist Party, to being thrown in prison for the gospel, we see it all. As we say in China, we are able to follow his life from black hair to white hair.

God has always been with Pastor Zhang and rescued him during times of trouble. It is impossible to imagine China’s revival of the Holy Spirit without Pastor Zhang. His testimony and witness proves that Jesus is alive and is not dead. Jesus is living in Chinese hearts far and wide throughout China.
Just as Jesus whispered to Peter, He also whispered to Pastor Zhang, "If you love me, feed my sheep."
—Pastor Zhen Ju Xing, Shenzhen

My dear brother Pastor Zhang Rongliang, who is a big influence in China, suffered and shared trials in Jesus Christ. I am happy that he has written this book because it shares a sober story of God’s love. Pastor Zhang comes from Fangcheng in Henan Province, but I come from Zhe Jiang Province, so we didn’t meet until early 1981. Going back in my memory, I am reminded of the messages that I heard Pastor Zhang preach with passion, like the ones that he preached at a secret gathering during Chinese Spring Festival in 1982.

During those early days, to the outside observer, it seemed that the house church was being broken down and torn apart by persecution, but on the inside, the church was only getting stronger. During the most trying times, Pastor Zhang’s messages brought power and encouragement—not just to his church in Fangcheng but to all of China’s underground house churches. His influence cannot be underestimated.

He is a remarkable leader. The amazing story that he shares in this book shows how he led one of most well-known churches in China. I know many of these stories personally because I was there. Between 1982–1986, I had a lot chances to visit with the underground church in Fangcheng. Whether it was summer or winter, hot or cold, busy or not, Pastor Zhang was always able to gather coworkers and evangelists to study and train. He always preached a fiery message encouraging us to lay down our lives and obey God’s Word. I saw the church grow through an amazing revival during those years. The gospel was preached so widely and quickly throughout China because of those messages. Pastor Zhang was able to build up and send out teams, and he played a pivotal part in setting the foundation for the big five house church networks.

From personally observing the life of Pastor Zhang, I can say that I understand better what it is to be a servant of God. I saw the power of the Holy Spirit introduced in Henan during the early days of the church, and all of the brothers and sisters who felt dry and thirsty were able to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Pastor Zhang, together with Pastor Dennis Balcombe, played a key role in this outpouring. By obeying God’s leading in his life, Pastor Zhang was able to see much fruit. Not only did his church rise in membership under his leadership, but some of the members eventually gave their lives in martyrdom for the gospel.

The fire that God put in Pastor Zhang was not able to be quenched. It was not extinguished by persecution, prison, or threat of death. Even though he was persecuted by the government and thrown in prison numerous times, the enemy could not stop him. I believe that it was only through the power of the Holy Spirit that so many millions of people came to believe in Jesus Christ through the vessel of Pastor Zhang, who willingly gave himself in submission to the Spirit. Today, Pastor Zhang’s main mission is to take the gospel to the rest of the world between China and Jerusalem in what is known as the "Back to Jerusalem" vision. His voice is among those voices encouraging the church to fulfill the Great Commission.

The journey of the Chinese church has been from chaos to order, from no framework to framework, and from hardship to revival. The church has grown, but not without challenges. There have been disagreements, splits, and conflict, but Pastor Zhang continues to march on, leading the church from cold to hot. I have never met anyone with a heart as big as Pastor Zhang’s. He has shown patience and has lived life by biblical principles. I have seen him solve conflicts within the church and combat heresy with amazingly tactful wisdom. Pastor Zhang was the man that God used to bring His revival to China. My prayers are with him until the Lord returns again.
—Pastor Peter Xu, USA

Pastor Zhang is both noble and precious and has been greatly used by God. My heart was deeply moved when I read his testimony. It reminded me of the stories that were recorded in the film The Cross about the underground church in China. He is like a blooming flower that sprouted during China’s spiritual spring. His flower brought beauty to China during a time when everything was dark and grey. As I read his testimony, I found myself crying, laughing, and remembering. You see, Pastor Zhang represents all of us simple farmer Christians in China today. We are not educated; we are simple, but we are loyal. Our loyalty has brought us to a place where we are willing to die for the sake of the cross.

When I read the part about Pastor Zhang demanding that his mother give the shoes back to the government, even though he didn’t have any shoes, I found myself laughing because I know him and I can actually see the scene in my mind’s eye. Pastor Zhang was not released from prison until recently, and my hope is that his tears of sorrow from the persecution that he endured will be turned to shouts of joy.
—Pastor Yuan Zhi Ming

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