Spelling You See Level A: Listen and Write Universal Set
Stock No: WW792000
Spelling You See Level A: Listen and Write Universal Set  -

Spelling You See Level A: Listen and Write Universal Set

Math-U-See / 2016 / Other

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Stock No: WW792000

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In Stock
Stock No: WW792000
Math-U-See / 2016 / Other

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Product Description

The "SpellingYouSee" program from Demme Learning is a unique, research-based homeschool spelling curriculum with seven levels that follow the developmental stages of language development. Developed by Dr. Karen Holinga, this program allows students to develop spelling skills naturally and at their own pace with the direction and encouragement of the instructor. Relying upon visual memory that's built through repeated reading and repeated writing, students will learn spelling through short daily activities that integrate copywork, reading, speaking, and listening, rather than relying on rote memorization for weekly tests.

Spelling You See Level A: Listen and Write is designed for young students as they move from the Preliterate Stage to the Phonetic Stage (see the "Spelling You See Philosophy" link above for an explanation of each stage). Following stages, not grade level, this level is for a beginning reader who is still learning letter names and sounds and how to hold a pencil properly when writing.

When determining placement, these are questions to ask:

  • Can my student focus on a worksheet for at least 10 minutes?

  • Can my student identify most of the letters of the alphabet?
  • Can my student write letters?
  • Can my student write fairly comfortably?
  • Does my student understand that letters make sounds?
  • If you answered "Yes" to all these questions, your child is ready to begin Listen and Write.

Listen and Write will provide lots of practice in writing individual letters and in hearing the sounds they make in simple words.

Thirty-six lessons focus on lowercase letter formation, consonants, and short vowels. Each lesson is divided into five parts (A through E); each is a daily, one-page worksheet designed to be completed in approximately 10 minutes. The first 15 lessons feature three-letter words and introduce one short vowel at a time. Later lessons progress to four and five letter words. Letter boxes help children learn sound-to-letter correspondence, which emphasizes the process of creating a word from individual sounds, as well as correct pencil grip and correct letter formation.

The Student Workbook features a checklist for students to start their lesson. Early lessons begin with room to trace and write featured letters and boxes in which they can trace and write the letters dictated to them from the Instructor's Handbook. Later lessons only include boxes to fill in with the dictated letters. Included stickers can be used to match a word from the day's lesson, or as a reward for a job well done.

The instructor's handbook features the philosophy and overview for the program, frequently asked questions, as well as short instructions for each lesson. This is followed by daily dictation lists (organized by lesson) needed for students to complete their work and general dictation lists with words arranged by phonetic principles (short a words, five letter words with digraphs).

This Spelling You See A Universal Set includes:

  • Spelling You See A Instructor Handbook, 46 pages with glossary, softcover. 9.25" x 8".

  • SpellingYouSee A: Listen and Write Student Workbook. 183 pages, softcover. This is a consumable, non-reproducible workbook that also includes sheets of stickers and a glossy handwriting chart. 8.5" x 11".

Product Information

Title: Spelling You See Level A: Listen and Write Universal Set
Format: Other
Vendor: Math-U-See
Publication Date: 2016
Weight: 1 pound 9 ounces
UPC: 728943501162
Series: Spelling You See
Stock No: WW792000

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