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  1. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    November 17, 2007
    This review was written for Snow Angel.
    Snow Angel captured my attention from the very first page. Jamie Carie develops her characters very well, and she weaves romance and suspense throughout the book from beginning to end. It is tantalizing that the reader knows somewhat more than the characters do, and I was on the edge of my seat several times urging them on. While I usually prefer contemporary stories, Snow Angel was excellent and totally captivating. Jamie Carie...please keep the stories coming!
  2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    October 12, 2007
    This review was written for Snow Angel.
    Her style blends the perfect amount of description, conversation, and adventure. The pace was perfect. And the characters were lovable. The romance was sweet, no inappropriateness. I am not a big romance reader, but this book combined just enough adventure and action with the romance that it was very enjoyable!
  3. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    October 8, 2007
    Rel Mollet
    This review was written for Snow Angel.
    Elizabeth Smith doesn't know where she has come from but her future goals are clear ~ she just didn't count on a storm interfering with those plans.Noah Wesley loves the solitary wilderness that is his Alaskan home but when God calls him to open his front door during a fearsome blizzard, the unconscious woman lying at his feet unlocks a chamber in his heart previously undiscovered.While drawn to each other during Elizabeth's recovery, Noah knows he can't compete with her yearning to stake a claim in the Yukon gold fields. Noah fears for Elizabeth's safety as she pursues a perilous course but it is a more evil threat from her past that may haunt them forever.Snow Angel captured my imagination from beginning to end. It is an epic romance with fast paced intrigue and an emotional intensity rarely achieved. Jamie Carie's gifted characterisation is of a calibre expected from a multi-published author not one writing her debut novel. Noah and Elizabeth have enormous depth, with appealing attributes alongside tangible weaknesses that evoke an emotional and compassionate response. Jamie does not shy away from portraying genuine romantic tension and desire and the dilemma that poses for Noah, a man of faith and integrity experiencing passion and attraction.Jamie's prose is elegant yet accessible, placing the reader amongst the icy shards of the blizzard and the muck and deprivation of the gold fields. Faith and belief is interwoven seamlessly, gently revealing the loving heart of God amidst the heartache of loss and loneliness. Prepare to be swept away by this powerful tale of love and sacrifice and become a devoted reader of anything Jamie Carie pens in the future.
  4. 4 Stars Out Of 5
    August 26, 2007
    Rhonda S. Johnson
    This review was written for Snow Angel.
    Jamie Carie's debut novel, "Snow Angel," gripped me from the beginning and wouldn't let go. This romance/adventure story includes Christian themes as well as suspense and history. From the first page, the characters and their struggles drew me in. Elizabeth, Noah and Jane seem real. Their personalities are well-developed; they have strengths and weaknesses. They're not perfect, but regular people trying to make the right decisions. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they fail. Joining each of them on the journey made me want to speak aloud to them, to tell them what's coming next, or to tell them what they don't know that might prompt a different decision. Also watch for Will and Cara Collins, Charlie McKay, Joe Brandon and William Cleary, among others.Their story takes place, for the most part, in rugged Alaska during the 1897 gold rush. The historical details and facts about life in that time and place give this book an educational aspect, even for readers whose main purpose is simply to escape into another world. The historical details blend in with the story and don't overpower the plot or frustrate the reader who wants action instead of dominating description.Their struggles: a toddler taken from her mother, given away by her grandfather - location unknown; a woman seeking gold and freedom, half frozen at a man's door - someone seeks her for dishonorable reasons; a man warms to his new companion, just as she decides to pursue her dream.This book is a thoroughly enjoyable read. Others, like me, may find they don't want to put it down until the last page is read.
  5. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    August 22, 2007
    Harriet Klausner
    This review was written for Snow Angel.
    In 1897 in an isolated section of the Alaskan territory, Noah Wesley stays warm in his heated cabin while a blizzard rages outside. However, he soon hears a noise at his door that he initially thinks is his imagination of being alone and then considers a wild animal. He cautiously takes a look outside encouraged by what he assumes is the voice of God speaking inside his head. He is stunned to find an unconscious half frozen female angel who he fears if she survives the weather might still suffer frostbite.------------He takes Elizabeth into his home, but soon believes this brittle woman will try anything as she asks Noah to take her to the gold fields so she can search for gold. Still he feels the fierce climate will send her scurrying to the lower Forty-eight while trying to convince to give up on the gold fever. Elizabeth rejects his contention that she is to delicate to survive the wilderness while hiding her real obsession for wanting to go to the gold fields from him though she is falling in love with this man whom she trusts with her life but not her objective; at the same time someone searches for her as they have for over two decades.-------------The divine matchmaking romance between Noah and Elizabeth and the mystery subplot enhance a terrific look at Alaska during the frantic gold rush days of the late nineteenth century. SNOW ANGEL provides a vivid stark look at the wintry climate in which the weather is lethal for the unprepared. The lead couple is a strong pairing as he knows she is god sent to him and she loves and trusts him with her life and everything else except her reason for needing to go to the gold fields. Jamie Caries debut is a wonderfully descriptive historical tale as the audience will wear woolen hats and gloves (in September) while reading this book.-------------Harriet Klausner
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