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  1. 4 Stars Out Of 5
    January 8, 2010
    Andrea Schultz
    Being that we are at the start of a New Year, it is always constructive to start it out right; the proverbial New Years Resolutions. That involves developing new habits if you have old or bad ones!Keri Wyatt Kents new book, Simple Compassion: Devotions to Make a Difference in Your Neighborhood and Your World is the perfect way to begin! Ms. Kents devotional is broken down into fifty-two week sections, and the objective is to live a more compassionate life. Each weekly section provides application steps for the individual and for the community if a small group decides to use this study. Ms. Kents book is broken down further into four sections:1.Compassion Begins with You2.Compassion Grows in Community3.Compassion Extends Beyond Our Comfort Zone4.Compassion Offers Gods Love to the WorldEach section expands further out - from the individual, to the family, to the community, and to the world. Ms. Kent is very open and transparent in this book. She shares a lot of her heart and her journey in reaching the point at which she is able to show so much compassion.A 'side effect' of loving others without discretion is that we will grow and learn to have more compassion for them. This devotional is a perfect companion to those lessons.With all of the turmoil that this country has experienced over the last few years economic collapse, etc. I believe the Lord wants us to press in closer to Him even more than ever! I thank Ms. Ellis for providing these tools that will help us do just that.This book was provided to me from Zondervan Publishing Company via the Blog Tour Spot for review purposes. There was no financial remuneration, and the thoughts and opinions are mine only.
  2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    December 19, 2009
    Terra Hangen
    This is an inspiring devotional filled with personal stories and Bible examples that inspire the reader to go beyond inner Christian growth and to help other people. Consisting of 52 weeks of devotionals, I read only a few before reviewing this book, rather than waiting one year to offer my opinion.Keri Wyatt Kent is the author, and she has topics ranging from Jewelry to Heroes to Overfed, which gives readers easy suggestions to move from what difference can I make? to lets do one thing today.When I read the chapter titled Jewelry I was happy to see that the author recommends 2 groups that I have purchased from, and that buy directly from poor people who make things: and http://tradeasone.orgThe section titled Neighbors has good advice which I followed, introduce yourself to two neighbors you dont know. People had moved in next door and I took them a poinsettia plant, and they were very pleased. Kent wrote Part of loving your neighbors is letting them love you, and being humble enough to let them know that you are imperfect, in fact a mess, but youve been rescued by Gods generous love.
  3. 4 Stars Out Of 5
    December 13, 2009
    Mary Wilhelm
    I found Keri Wyatt Kent's Simple Compassion to be a practical, thought-provoking book. The topics - framed in one chapter per week for a whole year - are wide-ranging, and are sure to include areas of needed compassion you hadn't previously considered. The applications are practical and attainable. You're certain to find plenty of ways that you can practice more Biblical compassion and make a difference in your world.
  4. 4 Stars Out Of 5
    November 11, 2009
    Jan ODaniel
    It's a rare Christian author - and Keri Wyatt Kent is one of them - who can successfully blend story, scripture and soul into something worth reading. Like her other books, "Simple Compassion" is personal and thoughtful. The weekly devotions address some of the same fears, frustrations and failures we all face, and, as usual, Kent does so with humility and grace. Unlike her other books, however, this one lacks a payoff of the promise. Yes, "Simple Compassion" opens basic dialogue on social injustice. Yes, it provides questions for contemplation and discussion. And, yes, it offers starter ideas for compassionate action. But it stops short of stirring the heart, provoking change, and inspiring the reader go beyond basic Christian servant hood and neighborly acts of kindness. Perhaps it's best paired with a community of committed believers as Kent recommends.
  5. 4 Stars Out Of 5
    November 2, 2009
    Simple Compassion" has encouraged me in many ways as a stay at home mom of two! As a mom I have not found a lot of books I have enjoyed as most of them seem to be encouraging one thing, "Do more and be more!" I was afraid I would see the same thing in Kerri Wyatt's book. The great thing about Kerry Wyatt Kent is her words are heart felt. There are many challenges in this book to the reader yet she takes on the challenges herself and includes them in the book. This helps make the struggle of being a light in our world more real and truely felt uplifted while reading this book! Each section is very insightful. Some parts of the Bible she includes I had never heard written/talked about before. This was refreshing for me as I have been a Christian for many years now. I encourage you to pick it up and read it!
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