Show Them No Mercy: 4 Views on God and Canaanite Genocide
Stock No: WW45688
Show Them No Mercy: 4 Views on God and Canaanite  Genocide  -     By: Stanley N. Gundry

Show Them No Mercy: 4 Views on God and Canaanite Genocide

Zondervan / 2003 / Paperback

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Stock No: WW45688

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Stock No: WW45688
Zondervan / 2003 / Paperback

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Product Description

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001, brought us face to face with the stark reality of jihad. But holy war is neither new nor the invention of Islam. The Old Testament writings record what amounts to Canaanite genocide in the name of Yahweh. How do we reconcile this with the teachings of Jesus, who commands us to love our enemies and overcome evil with good? If our theology bears its fruit in our behavior as Christians, then we cannot ignore the question of violence in the Bible. Is there continuity or discontinuity between the Old Testament concept of holy war and New Testament ideals? Do we serve the Lord of Hosts or the Prince of Peace - or is God both? How should our actions reflect his character in these dangerous desperately needy times? The four views presented in Show Them No Mercy are quite different, yet all lie squarely within the evangelical tradition. This book gives each view a forum for presentation, critique, and defense. It allows you to compare different perspectives on holy war, divine judgement, and the use of deadly force to arrive at your own conclusions on what the Bible teaches.

Product Information

Title: Show Them No Mercy: 4 Views on God and Canaanite Genocide
By: Stanley N. Gundry
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 224
Vendor: Zondervan
Publication Date: 2003
Dimensions: 8 X 5.3 (inches)
Weight: 7 ounces
ISBN: 0310245680
ISBN-13: 9780310245681
UPC: 025986245689
Series: Counterpoints: Bible and Theology
Stock No: WW45688
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Publisher's Description

Did God condone genocide in the Old Testament? How do Christians harmonize the warrior God of Israel with the God of love incarnate in Jesus?

Christians are often shocked to read that Yahweh, the God of the Israelites, commanded the total destruction--all men, women, and children--of the ethnic group known as the Canaanites.

This seems to contradict Jesus' command in the New Testament to love your enemies and do good to all people. How can Yahweh be the same God as the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ? What does genocide in the Bible have to do with the politics of the 21st century?

Show Them No Mercy explores the Old Testament command of God to exterminate the Canaanite population and what that implies about continuity between the Old and New Testaments. The four views presented are:

  • Strong Discontinuity – emphasizes the strong tension, regarding violence, between the two main texts of the Bible (C.S. Cowles)
  • Moderate Discontinuity – provides a justification of God’s actions in the Old Testament with strong emphasis on exegesis (Eugene H. Merrill)
  • Eschatological Continuity – a reading of the warfare narratives that ties them contextually to the book of Revelation and the Second Coming (Daniel L. Gard)
  • Spiritual Continuity – incorporates the genocidal account into the full picture of the Old and New Testaments (Tremper Longman III)

The Counterpoints series presents a comparison and critique of scholarly views on topics important to Christians that are both fair-minded and respectful of the biblical text. Each volume is a one-stop reference that allows readers to evaluate the different positions on a specific issue and form their own, educated opinion.

Author Bio

Stanley N. Gundry is executive vice president and editor-in-chief for the Zondervan Corporation. He has been an influential figure in the Evangelical Theological Society, serving as president of ETS and on its executive committee, and is adjunct professor of Historical Theology at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. He is the author of seven books and has written many articles appearing in popular and academic periodicals.

Daniel L. Gard (PhD, University of Notre Dame) is dean of graduate studies and associate professor of exegetical theology at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Eugene H. Merrill (PhD, Columbia University) is distinguished professor of Old Testament studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. C. S. Cowles (STD, University of San Francisco Theological Seminary) is professor of Bible and theology at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California.

Tremper Longman III (PhD, Yale University) is a distinguished scholar and Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. He is on the advisory council of the BioLogos Foundation, and is the Old Testament editor for the revised Expositor's Bible Commentary and general editor for the Story of God Bible Commentary Old Testament, and has authored many articles and books on the Psalms and other Old Testament books.

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