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  1. Mama
    1 Stars Out Of 5
    Unbiblical, Child Abuse
    July 17, 2022
    This book is awful. It advocates child abuse and its recommendations are not Biblical. please don't read.
  2. Anonymous
    1 Stars Out Of 5
    September 9, 2021
    Quality: 1
    Value: 1
    Meets Expectations: 1
    The premise of Tripp getting to the heart is good but the thing is his discipline style (otherwise known as abuse) does not reach the heart. This book is a recipe for children that will one day rebel and run from God. ... As others have said, I cannot get over his suggestion of spanking an 8 month old. This book offers no grace, understanding, or love.
  3. Anonymous
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    An Absolutely Helpful Book
    September 12, 2020
    This book was so very helpful to me as a new father trying to understand how to raise my kids in a Christ honoring manner. It was so helpful that I have read it twice and have referred to it many times... one of the nice aspects of the book is that it has a section (Part 2) that addresses different age classes of children. So, as my children have grown, I have been able to go to those sections and read information for their specific age (which I have done often). I read the book in 2007 and 2012. My kids are now 15 and 16.5 and are Believers.

    Parenting is so hard... there are so many struggles both externally and internally. This book was an excellent guide for me but, it is certainly not the only resource you need. The only book that can help you navigate all the issues and unexpect'eds of life is the Bible (and LOTS of prayer!). But, this book really helped me get focused on what my true objective is as a parent- helping my kids align their hearts and minds with Jesus. That's what the book is about. I have read the poor reviews of this book and they ALL refer to the author's view of spanking. In fact, I scratch my head because they make it sound like the book is all about and obsessed with spanking, which it is not, not at all. He definitely lists it as a tool but, he is diligent in explaining the proper heart and approach to such a practice. Look at the Contents pages of the book and you will really see what this book is about. Its about connecting with your child on the heart level and then understanding how to move their heart toward God. The main message of his book is connect with your kids spiritually, emotionally, mentally and relationally but, you do it as their parent, not their "friend". I can't really do the book justice with my own words so, I highly recommend you read the book but, read it prayerfully and attentive to the Spirit. I have recommended the book to many folks and they have found it very helpful.
  4. nft
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    good book for young families
    March 29, 2019
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    wonderful and timely advice saturated with an eternal perspective
  5. chichi
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    Next to the Bible...this book is the next best thing!
    February 25, 2019
    This book cuts through all the mumbo jumbo of most parenting books out there on the market.

    Tripp addresses the HEART!! And then He points disobedient kids right back to the Gospel!!!

    When we do it God's way... we will reap what we sow! And I can see the fruits personally in my own life with my kiddos!!
Displaying items 1-5 of 92
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