The 7 Rings of Marriage: Your Model for a Lasting and Fulfilling Marriage
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The 7 Rings of Marriage: Your Model for a Lasting and Fulfilling Marriage  -     By: Jackie Bledsoe

The 7 Rings of Marriage: Your Model for a Lasting and Fulfilling Marriage

B&H Books / 2016 / Paperback

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Stock No: WW688645

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Stock No: WW688645
B&H Books / 2016 / Paperback

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Product Description

Jackie Bledsoe believes married life can be the best life, no matter what stage of marriage you may be living. He’s identified seven “rings” or stages all marriages have in common, and is equipping couples to enjoy a more fulfilling marriage through every ring. In his new book, The 7 Rings of Marriage, he prepares engaged, newlywed and long-time married couples for each of the seven stages, and offers practical advice for creating a lasting and fulfilling marriage.

Product Information

Title: The 7 Rings of Marriage: Your Model for a Lasting and Fulfilling Marriage
By: Jackie Bledsoe
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 208
Vendor: B&H Books
Publication Date: 2016
Dimensions: 8.5 X 5.5 X .55 (inches)
Weight: 9 ounces
ISBN: 1433688646
ISBN-13: 9781433688645
Stock No: WW688645

Publisher's Description

Studies show that roughly one out of two marriages end in divorce.

One of the reasons for this is couples today are not prepared for all—the good and bad—that may happen in marriage. Are you prepared?

Author and blogger Jackie Bledsoe outlines the seven stages, or seven rings of marriages, that will equip couples for all stages in marriage. He challenges couples to keep moving through each stage for a lasting and fulfilling marriage.

Through The Seven Rings of Marriage, readers gain a deeper appreciation of what marriage is, and get a clear picture of what may lie ahead in their marriage. Diligently go about making your marriage everything you and your spouse hoped for, and more!

The seven rings are:
  • Ring #1—Engagement RING 
  • Ring #2—Wedding RING
  • Ring #3—DiscoveRING 
  • Ring #4—PerseveRING 
  • Ring #5—RestoRING
  • Ring #6—ProspeRING 
  • Ring #7—MentoRING
Visit to learn more about The Seven Rings of Marriage, and get additional resources.

Author Bio

Jackie Bledsoe is a professional blogger, author, and speaker, but first and foremost a husband and father, who encourages men to better lead and love their families through his blog, He's a contributor to All Pro Dad,, Good Men Project, and Huffington Post. His work has been featured on Yahoo!, USA Football,, and more. Jackie, who has been happily married to his wife, Stephana, since June of 2001, lives in Indianapolis, IN with their daughter and two sons.

Author Note

Bledsoe writes: "This book is about connecting with your spouse, and it's about action. And the big picture is about creating more lasting and fulfilling marriages. We can do this starting with our own marriages and reaching other couples one by one. I'm rooting for you, and I'm praying for you, and I believe your marriage will be everything you hope and more."


The Seven Rings of Marriage is a unique approach to enriching your marriage. Marriages either grow or regress.  They never stand still.  This book will definitely help you have a growing marriage.  I highly recommend it to couples of all ages.”
Gary D. Chapman, Ph.D., author of The Five Love Languages

“I’ve been following Jackie’s story for a while now. Humble, insightful, and revealing, Jackie is more than an inspiration. He’s like a marriage GPS. His ‘7 Rings’ model can show you exactly where your relationship is and where it’s going. And it’s grounded in the kind of personal experience that proves the program.”
—Michael Hyatt, New York Times bestselling author and blogger

“I have been absolutely amazed to watch the trajectory of Jackie Bledsoe's influence. He is quickly becoming the thought leader in matters of family and fatherhood. He is already an influence in my life. This book captures perfectly the mind and heart of Jackie. I predict it will become a classic in the ministry of marriage and parenting.”
—Thom S. Rainer, President and CEO, LifeWay Christian Resources

“Jackie Bledsoe was able to write this book only because he's living it! I have been honored to be a part of Jackie's life over the past few years, and I have seen him experience these various Rings of marriage that every couple encounters at some point. Pay close attention to what you read, then put it into practice. The result will be a better, more loving marriage that brings you years of pleasure.”
—Kevin B. Bullard, President, Marriage Works

The 7 Rings of Marriage delivers a powerful message: husbands and wives can love one another as God intended, even during the tough times. Jackie gives specific guidelines to help us address the challenges in marriage that are sure to come, and shines a light on the safest path to progress.”
—Mark and Susan Merrill, founders of Family First, All Pro Dad, and iMOM

“Every couple starts marriage with a lot of hope. We hope the longer we are married, the better our marriage will be. But for many couples that isn’t the case…Longer married doesn’t always equate to a better marriage. What I love about The 7 Rings of Marriage is the infusion of hope Jackie gives each of us in our marriage relationship. No matter where you are in your marriage you will find practical and insightful truths that move you closer to God and closer to the person you love most. Don’t just buy this book…read it, absorb it and apply it.”
—Justin Davis, author of Beyond Ordinary: When a Good Marriage Just Isn’t Good Enough

The 7 Rings of Marriage is a refreshing resource that has the power to help marriages in a really practical way. Jackie’s approach to helping married couples understand the state of their marriage and how they can move forward in their relationship is clearly explained as he describes each of the 7 rings. This book is timely. Our hope is that husbands and wives invest into their marriage by reading this book together, challenging themselves to continue on strong in their marriage.”
—Aaron and Jennifer Smith, founders of and

“Jackie Bledsoe is an extraordinary leader. In a time where many couples only want to share the ‘front stage’ of their marriage with others, Jackie has the courage to take you behind the scenes and show you the ‘back stage.’ He is transparent about the failures and successes of his own marriage, and teaches you how tough times can serve as lessons learned if you allow them to. From leading his own family well to teaching you how to lead and love yours, this book will transform your marriage. Transparent, authentic and honest, his 7 Rings Model will not only give you hope for the future, but will show you how to put that hope in action. “ 
—Dr. Jevonnah "Lady J" Ellison, Leading Purpose Strategist & Founder of Maximum Potential Academy

The 7 Rings of Marriage is a true gift to couples.  Jackie's practical and relatable style makes it easy to enjoy the 7 Rings principles and, more importantly, put them into practice to make a real difference in everyday married life.  Living an awesome marriage isn't easy, but it's absolutely worth it - and this book provides a road map to make it happen.”
—Dustin Riechmann, author of 15 Minute Marriage Makeover and founder of

“Setting the right expectations for marriage is essential for couples that want to go the distance, but it seems today marriage is a thick fog that leaves so many confused and hopeless. Consider this a hand to lead you out. Jackie holds nothing back in sharing his struggles and failures as a way to provide you hope that you can have your happily ever after!”
—Casey and Meygan Caston, Co-Founders of

“Jackie’s and Stephana’s passion for all of us to have the best possible marriage no matter our present circumstances permeates every page of this book! Jackie becomes our brother sharing his failures and successes. He and Stephana draw you in with their incredible transparency, humor, time-tested practical marriage tips, and provide marriage evaluation tools. With more than thirty years in marriage ministry, The Seven Rings of Marriage is a resource I’ll use with all my clients!”
—Dr. Clarence Shuler, President/CEO, BLR: Building Lasting Relationships

The 7 Rings of Marriage is a must read for all couples, from newlyweds to those couples who have been together for decades. Each Ring will deepen your understanding of marriage and you will be able to equip yourself to have the marriage you desire. You will see how each ring is connected to one another giving you the vision for an extraordinary marriage... a marriage where you are fully present, intentional, and continually growing together. Jackie's insights, stories and passion will have you wanting more.”
—Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo, ONE Extraordinary Marriage, Co-hosts of the #1 Marriage Podcast on iTunes

“A few years ago, my wife and I bought Fireproof DVDs for every couple we know as Christmas gifts. Now I know what I’ll be giving for Christmas this year! The 7 Rings of Marriage is powerful. Touching. Honest. And most importantly,  I can put this information into practice TODAY.”
—Donnie Bryant, Copywriter, Founder of

The 7 Rings of Marriage is one of the most amazing tools to grow a healthy marriage out there!”
—Eric Dingler, Campus Pastor, NewPointe Community Church

“What I love most about this book is the author lives its message. I've been following Jackie's story for years now and have seem him love his wife and kids up close and personal. If you want to learn how to do marriage and family right from someone who walks the walk, read this book.”
—Jeff Goins, best-selling author of The Art of Work

What Are the 7 Rings of Marriage?

The 7 Rings of Marriage is structured around seven rings of marriage created by Bledsoe:

  1. Engagement RING
  2. Wedding RING
  3. DiscoveRING
  4. PerseveRING
  5. RestoRING
  6. ProspeRING
  7. MentoRING

Every marriage is “wearing” one of those rings, and can purposefully move from one ring to another for a lifetime of deeper love and maturity. Each ring offers a richness and strength, supporting a union that honors God and one another.

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