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    1. 1 Stars Out Of 5
      Sequential Spelling 1 DVD
      November 6, 2014
      Quality: 1
      Value: 1
      Meets Expectations: 1
      I am not fond of just the DVD for this "program". After the first 40 days of using the DVD, my children are not showing progress in spelling. I'm having to teach them spelling rules on my own because they are not taught with just the DVD. I am now looking for another spelling program that will actually teach them how to spell.
    2. MS
      Age: 25-34
      Gender: female
      4 Stars Out Of 5
      not quite what i expected
      February 2, 2013
      Age: 25-34
      Gender: female
      Quality: 3
      Meets Expectations: 3
      I do like the theory of sequential spelling and my daughter is showing signs of improvment with this program. The thing that kind of dissappointed me was the dvd rom, it is very simple in the fact that it only reads off a word, child pauses it and writes word, child then plays it and it tells the correct spelling, child must then correct any mistakes then move onto the next words. It is a very simple green screen and looks very early 90's in my oppion. That being said just bc it is simpler in from than i assumed it would be doesnt mean that i completely dislike it. My daughter that is showing signs of dyslexia is showing some improvement on her spelling now that she is using the program. You can do the program without the workbook and instead just use blank notebook paper although the teacher key comes in handy if you are not setting with your child to ensure that corrections are made each time. and it comes in handy when if you are on the go but want to fit in your spelling for the day. The poorer quality of the video is the reason this review did not earn 5 stars other than that i do like the program an will continue using it!
    3. Sarasota, FL
      Age: 45-54
      Gender: female
      4 Stars Out Of 5
      Helping my 3rd grader
      October 18, 2012
      Sarasota, FL
      Age: 45-54
      Gender: female
      Quality: 4
      Value: 4
      Meets Expectations: 4
      My 3rd grader was acing his spelling tests but had atrocious phonetic spelling when he was writing. He was studying and memorizing the lists but not applying. Within a week of using Sequential Spelling I saw a difference in the way he spelled when he wrote. He loves the program, especially the independence he has as he uses the DVD on a little netbook.

      It's not for everyone, though. My older son is a good speller. I heard lots of homeschooling parents recommending Sequential Spelling so I ordered it as his spelling curriculum one year. He hated it, complaining that it was too repetitious. From my limited experience I would say it best fits the struggling spellers.

      The DVD is not high tech. It is a simple green background with a voice speaking the word and a sentence. The user hits pause while writing the word. Then he hits play. The word is displayed on the green screen so he can check his work.
    4. 4 Stars Out Of 5
      June 6, 2012
      Proverbs 31 Lady
      Quality: 3
      Value: 3
      Meets Expectations: 4
      I felt the same way about the DVD at first as I did about the workbook...not quite what I had expected, not as high tech or graphically pleasing. But it is pretty easy for my student to use independently and I am seeing spelling confidence improve.
    5. 3 Stars Out Of 5
      October 23, 2009
      Diane Wilson
      I was hoping for a bit more..It basically gives the instruction (taking the place of the manual)and the student is to pause during the dvd/cd rom, to write the spelling word, then the correct spelling shows. Font is small. If your looking for an independent program that your child would do, then you might like this. This is also a good program for those with dyslexia. I purchased this with the students response book. You can use a notebook to save money. The response book just gives numbered lines for the student to write on.
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