Seeking Refuge: On the Shores of the Global Refugee Crisis
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Moody Publishers / 2016 / Paperback

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Seeking Refuge: On the Shores of the Global Refugee Crisis

Moody Publishers / 2016 / Paperback

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Stock No: WW414887

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Product Description

How should Christians respond to the people seeking refuge on our shores? What will rule our hearts? Fear or compassion? In Seeking Refuge, three experts from World Relief, a global organization serving refugees, offer a practical, well-rounded, well-researched guide on this timely issue. Drawing from history, public policy, psychology, personal stories, and their own unique Christian worldview, the authors offer a nuanced and compelling portrayal of the plight of refugees and the extraordinary opportunity we have to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Product Information

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 192
Vendor: Moody Publishers
Publication Date: 2016
Dimensions: 8.00 X 5.25 X 0.45 (inches)
ISBN: 0802414885
ISBN-13: 9780802414885

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Publisher's Description

Recipient of Christianity Today's Award of Merit in Politics and Public Life, 2016


What will rule our hearts: fear or compassion?

We can’t ignore the refugee crisis—arguably the greatest geo-political issue of our time—but how do we even begin to respond to something so massive and complex?

In Seeking Refuge, three experts from World Relief, a global organization serving refugees, offer a practical, well-rounded, well-researched guide to the issue.

  • Who are refugees and other displaced peoples?
  • What are the real risks and benefits of receiving them?
  • How do we balance compassion and security?

Drawing from history, public policy, psychology, many personal stories, and their own unique Christian worldview, the authors offer a nuanced and compelling portrayal of the plight of refugees and the extraordinary opportunity we have to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Author Bio

STEPHAN BAUMAN is the President and CEO of World Relief, an international relief and development organization partnering with the global Church to serve more than five million vulnerable people each year. World Relief is also the founder and convener of The Justice Conference. Stephan's pursuit of justice led him to transition from a successful career in the Fortune 100 sector to Africa where he directed relief and development programs for nearly a decade before returning to the United States to lead World Relief's global operations. He holds degrees from Johns Hopkins University, Wheaton College, and the University of Wisconsin. He is a poet, an author, an ordained minister and a strategist. He considers his African friends his most important teachers, and his wife, Belinda, his most important mentor. Stephan, Belinda, and their two sons, Joshua and Caleb, live near Washington, D.C.

MATTHEW SOERENS serves as the U.S. Director of Church Mobilization for World Relief. He previously served as the Field Director for the Evangelical Immigraton Table, a coalition of evangelical organizations of which World Relief is a founding member. He is the co-author of Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion & Truth in the Immigration Debate (InterVarsity Press, 2009), and a graduate of Wheaton College (IL) and DePaul University. Matt lives in Aurora, Illinois with his wife Diana and their two children.

DR. ISSAM SMEIR is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who specializes in trauma treatment for refugees, victims of torture, and severely abused and neglected children. He holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College and a Doctoral Degree in Counseling and Clinical Supervision from Northern Illinois University, and has done post doctorate training in trauma and refugee issues at Harvard University. He has worked for World Relief since 2001, serving refugees and other immigrants from dozens of countries of origin. Prior to joining World Relief, Issam worked with several missions and relief organizations. Originally from the country of Jordan, Issam now lives in Suburban Chicago with his wife and four sons.

Editorial Reviews

"Moody Publishers has teamed up with Stephen Bauman, Matthew Sorens, and Issam Smeir for this very timely, very relevant book on the global refugee crisis. The staggering number of people who have been forcibly displaced from their homes is higher today than at any other time in recorded history. This fact puts us all, especially American Christians, in a critical position.

Seeking Refuge provides a Christian perspective to the refugee crisis along with a biblically based response. We are reminded in Matthew 2:13-15 that not long after Jesus' birth, He along with Mary and Joseph were refugees in a foreign land. As pointed out in the book, the Bible contains multiple examples of people who had to flee under the threat of violence or persecution including Jacob, Moses, David, Elijah, and the early followers of Jesus.

What I love most about this book is that it is truly grounded in Scripture. Readers are encouraged to think of refugees as image-bearers of God and as such have inherent dignity and intrinsic worth. They have talents. They are answers to problems in the world. They need and deserve our time, our attention, our resources, our prayers, and perhaps most important of all our love.

Seeking Refuge is very well-rounded in that it addresses so many aspects and viewpoints. The reader gets economic facts and statistics, the processes for volunteers and their organizations, and interesting comparisons of refugees and immigrants. There are stories from refugees and volunteers. Also included is extensive information about the process for refugee entry into the United States.

I believe this book is perfect for churches, anyone interested in volunteer work concerning refugees, as well as the average everyday American citizen. Seeking Refuge addresses the many concerns some have about accepting refugees into the United States, particularly those from the Middle East. The only question that remains is one we must answer individually and as a nation which is: will we live by fear or by faith?"

Reviewed by Ashley Montgomery on NetGalley, Apr 2, 2016

Product Reviews

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  1. pedalandpray
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    Matthew 28: 19; 25: 35 - 40
    September 3, 2016
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    Excellent book. I can only echo what the previous reviewers stated. As Christians, we cannot ignore what is right in front of us and still call ourselves Christians. This is an excellent call to action whether it be prayerfully, financially or missionaly, and every attempt to reach these people for the Gospel counts. A very worthy read and could easily be coupled with Francis Chan's "Multiply".
  2. Booklover10
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    A crisis we can't ignore
    September 1, 2016
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    If you are looking for a book to read at this moment or in the near future, this is it. Seeking Refuge is a book that has been perfectly timed in the midst of this political season. The refugee crisis is a topic that we cannot and must not ignore.

    People are on both sides of the issue, which has made this a heated debate. In the meantime, we've forgotten that these refugees are people and they need us.

    The authors of this book did an excellent job reminding their readers to remember where these refugees originate. I appreciated that they didn't just focus on the current refugee crisis, but they also went back to the Vietnam War and so many of the other periods of time when refugees sought safety.

    The personal stories that they shared really drove home the point that the majority of these refugees want to be welcomed in a land that they thought would be safe for them.

    The statistics shared in the book were something that I had not read before. They showed that having refugees may cost more up front because you have to cover some of those basic costs of living. As they become more self-sufficient, the economy booms.

    There are many political books that share the world's view of this crisis. But what is the biblical worldview where our example is from Scripture?

    Seeking Refuge shares the biblical worldview all throughout its pages. We see in the beginning pages that Jesus tells us to welcome strangers in our land. We see that He was a refugee at several points in His own life. We hear that He tells us to love our neighbors.

    The authors remind us that this is an opportunity for churches to reach out and form relationships with the refugees. This is a time for Christians to become active. While a good portion of the refugees is Christian, there is still a large portion that is coming to the U.S. with different beliefs. Even then, we are to love. We set aside fear to love.

    I really appreciated the section in the book when the authors pointed out that as Christians, we hate being grouped in with the few Christians who are "judgmental or ignorant" or any other name Christians get called, simply because they chose to act in a way opposite from what Christ taught. So why do we do this with Muslims? Why do we say ALL Muslims are bad? That can go with any religion. No group likes to be lumped together with the people who make their religion look bad.

    Media Bias: it's real.

    If we watch the news, we have gotten in our minds that most of the refugees wanting to set foot on the U.S. soil are out to hurt us. That's simply not true. These are real people who are trying to save their lives and the lives of their families. They want to make a difference in the world just as much as you or me.

    "Some of the smartest people are in refugee camps."

    I really hadn't thought about that before, but how true. I've heard many people talk about the Holocaust and mention "I wonder how many possible doctors were killed" or "how many future cancer researchers," etc. The same can be true for these camps. You have entrepreneurs, doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists, teachers, and so many more professionals right there in these camps. They long to use their skills in the same way that we long to use ours.

    Thank you for writing a book that is so relevant to the issues we face today.

    I learned a lot while reading this book and have been challenged to get involved with World Relief. You can volunteer, provide a welcome kit, join a good neighbor team, and even host a refugee Sunday for your church. World Relief has many options for you to become active and get involved.

    So what are you waiting for? Read this book and ACT!


    I received this book free from Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest opinion of this book.
  3. JK Turner
    4 Stars Out Of 5
    Timely Book
    August 10, 2016
    JK Turner
    Quality: 0
    Value: 0
    Meets Expectations: 0
    Level - short, easy. A quick read, but I'm also going to add compelling, especially as you read the personal stories.

    My Thoughts/Summary Mix

    This is an important and timely book. I think two overarching themes of the refugee crisis often go overlooked. First, the authors make a great case (because they use the Bible) that we should accept refugees. If you are unaware, there are a great many verses related to refugees, strangers and foreigners. Most come from the OT, but, of course, the issue can be fairly easily summed up with - Love your neighbor. Second, the missionary opportunity. You have the opportunity to have people from all over the world, right in your neighborhood, or at least a short drive away. Even more inspiring, many of the refugees would like to go back home. There is no shortage of stories in this book about refugees who became Christians and then went back to spread the Gospel.Read more...

    However, the plurality of refugees are Christians fleeing religious persecution. This means so much of the fear is unfounded, and instead of viewing someone as a terrorist, it is more probable that they are a brother or sister in Christ, whom we should welcome.

    The book does a good job of taking the reader through the immigration and asylum processes. They explain who the people coming here are, and why they are coming. Too many complex issues in our society are dumbed down to simple talking points. The refugee crisis is far more complicated than Muslims=terrorist=ban refugees. Currently, I'm in a Bible study going through the book of James. James calls us to action. He requires we love others and act out our faith. He also says we should not make distinctions between people for things such as the way they dress or how much money they have.

    Even while discussing this, people in the group are voicing their support for banning Muslims. I empathize with the root of their fear. People want to protect their families and some have started to believe this is a dire threat. Unfortunately, that's not what we are called to do. It wasn't safe for the Good Samaritan to stop to help someone on the side of the road. It certainly wasn't practical or discerning, but we are called to do the same.

    This refugee crisis is a major global issue, and it's not going away quickly. As Christians, we must respond with love and compassion. Our response cannot be to turn them away.

    This book is a great read for anyone curious as to how Christians should respond. The authors do a great job in tying the issue to the Bible, explaining current geopolitical and economic issues and really personalizing this crisis. Anyone who is searching for good information about the refugee situation in the world today and our Christian response should put this book on their list of books to read next.

    More at
  4. Kendra
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    Inspiring and Convicting
    July 28, 2016
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    In Seeking Refuge, three experts from World Relief, a global organization serving refugees, offer a practical, well-rounded, well-researched guide to the current refugee crisisarguably the greatest geo-political issue of our time. Who are refugees and other displaced peoples? What are the real risks and benefits of receiving them? Drawing from history, public policy, psychology, personal stories, and their Christian worldview, these authors offer a compelling portrayal of the plight of refugees and the extraordinary opportunity we have to love our neighbors as ourselves. (adapted from the cover copy)

    As I read this book, I kept thinking, yes, YES, YES!! I appreciated the Biblical basis they provided, and the reminder that Scripture is full of refugees and directives about how they should be treated. I also appreciated the gentle answers to misconceptions and fears that are rampant in our day, particularly concerns about safety and security, which are often idolized and used as excuses to not obey our God-given mandate to sacrificially love our neighbors. I was glad to see them promoting humanitarian and social causes with the ultimate goal of proclaiming the Gospel and building the church. They included lots of personal stories, which helps to put a face on the statistics and overwhelming needs. I think this is a great entry-level book that inspires the reader to obey Jesus command to love their neighbor and get involved in some waywhether in prayer, relating to immigrants in their local community, giving to support local churches serving refugees in far-away places, or maybe all of the above. =)

    I was given a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for my review.
  5. pastor2519
    West Point, UT
    Age: 55-65
    Gender: male
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    How Will You Greet Those Who Are Seeking Refuge
    July 12, 2016
    West Point, UT
    Age: 55-65
    Gender: male
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    Seeking Refuge sounds like it might be the title of a novel, and then you read the subtitle: On the Shores of the Global Refugee Crisis, and decide that this book is probably more than fiction. And as you read you quickly come to realize that this must be true because there is no way anyone could make this up. Seeking Refuge , (Bauman, Soerens, and Smeir, Moody Publishers, 2016, is the all too true story of an ongoing crisis.

    The crisis is a global crisis and shows no signs of slowing down. It starts in one country and quickly moves to another. People on one continent are affected, and soon they move to another continent, and eventually some move to still a third continent. Seeking Refuge is the story of 60 million people who have been forcible displaced from their home. For many of us immigration, migration and Refugee resettlement is a just political term, a nightmare, full of misconceptions and misperceptions. But within the pages of this book we are confronted with the harsh reality. Several harsh realities in fact.

    There is a crisis, and we want someone else to deal with it, after all, how does it affect me, but then our cities become places of refuge and we can no longer hide from the facts. The authors ask us to think biblically about migration: Jesus was a refugee. His family was forced to flee their homeland because of a tyrannical government ( Matthew 2:13-15). And for those who do read the Bible, there were many heroes of the faith who left their homeland and traveled to another land. Throughout both Testaments of the Bible, there are admonitions on how to treat the alien, the stranger, the foreigner, the refugee. And it should come as no surprise to read that they are to be treated kindly and with love, while expecting them to respect the laws of the land to which they have migrated.

    Christians should be aware of and take into account the biblical perspective on forced migration. And then comes the next step. Put a human face on the story. And the stories in this book are markedly human.

    Of course when dealing with the unknown, there are fears, and the authors also address that fact, along with some ways to alleviate those fears. Facing the fears is a first step on a wonderful journey that moves us from fear to seeing those who migrate here as good neighbors, friends and sometimes even family.

    That's on a personal level. But maybe we need more than that. This is a global problem, a global crisis that needs to be addressed on a larger level. In this country the President has raised the limit on the number of UN approved refugees, all of whom have been thoroughly vetted by several Departments of our Government. The president can raise the limit, but he is not going to personally meet an additional 15, 000 refugees, get them settled, help them find their way around, teach them how to shop and bank here in the US. So this is an excellent opportunity for the Church to get involved. You or your church can contact World Relief or (as in my case in Utah) Catholic Community Services, and learn how to be a volunteer, learn how to get involved in this rewarding endeavor.

    The authors provide several practical opportunities to help, and then offer a word of caution. As helpful as we want to be, sometimes we have to be careful that our helping doesn't hurt. Doesn't hurt those we are trying to help, or doesn't hurt the one helping. It's sometimes much easier to 'do for' than to help others learn how to do for themselves, and in this process of helping, it's important that the families being helped learn how to be self sufficient rather than dependent.

    Individuals step up, the Church takes the lead, or at least a major role, and yet the global crisis continues. Why? What are the root causes and what needs to be done? It's easy to point a finger at a hurricane, an earthquake, a corrupt government, or even a war. But those things all happen in many places and people get on with their lives. What's the root cause? Often it's injustice, it's a deliberate disregard for the poor and disenfranchised. Earthquakes and hurricanes destroy cheaply constructed buildings - the contractor takes shortcuts to line his own pockets. Corrupt government officials get rich off of programs designed to help the poor. And wars are generally about wealth and power, things that the lower classes generally don't possess. Social injustice might be the root cause, so it's important to look for solutions. And that must be done at higher levels than the local church. Elections are coming, get informed, and then vote for those who take a reasonable stance on immigration and refugee resettlement.

    My prayer is that this book would galvanize governments, churches and individuals to reach out, to the strangers among us; but more importantly that the reasons, the root causes for the problem would be addressed, and the global crisis solved once and for all.

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