Saxon Math Intermediate 3 Complete Homeschool Kit
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Saxon Publishing / 2011 / Other

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Saxon Math Intermediate 3 Complete Homeschool Kit

Saxon Publishing / 2011 / Other

In Stock
Stock No: WW625867

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Companion Products (5)

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Saxon's Math Intermediate 3 is a perfect transition into Saxon Math 5/4!

Incremental lessons provide daily practice and assessment; mathematical concepts are taught through informative lessons, diagrams, interactive activities, and investigations that build critical thinking as well as real-world problem solving skills. Saxon Intermediate 3 includes 11 sections, 110 lessons and 11 "investigation" activities. Concepts cover patterns; addition; subtraction; money; fractions; measurement; multiplication; arrays; angles; congruent shapes; symmetry; geometric solids; division; capacity; estimation; sorting; and more.

Textbook lessons are divided into three sections. The first section is "power-up practice," which covers basic fact and mental math exercises which improve speed, accuracy, the ability to do mental math, and the ability to solve complicated problems. The second part of the lesson is the "New Concept," which introduces a new math concept through examples, and provides a chance for students to solve similar problems. Thirdly, the "Written Practice" section reviews previously taught concepts. One "Investigation" per session is included; "Investigations" are variations of the daily lesson and often involve activities that take up an entire class.

The included Power Up Workbook provides consumable pages for students to complete the Power Up exercises from the textbook, including the Facts Practice, Jump Start, Mental Math, and Problem Solving sections. The textbook may refer students to problems within this Power Up workbook, or the text may contain necessary problems and instructions (such as the mental math problems), which students will need to complete the exercises in this workbook.

The Solutions Manual arranges answers by section and lesson, and includes complete step-by-step solutions to the Lesson Practice, Written Practice, and Early Finishers questions, as well as the questions and practice items in the Investigations. It does not contain the answers to the Power-Up Workbook, which are currently unavailable.

The Homeschool Testing Book features reproducible cumulative tests which are available after every five lessons after lesson 10. Tests are designed to let students learn and practice concepts before being tested, helping them build confidence. Tests, a testing schedule, test answer forms, test analysis form, and test solutions are included. The three optional Test Solution Answer Forms provide the appropriate workspace for students to "show their work." The answer key shows the final solution only, not the steps taken to arrive at the answer.

This Kit Includes:

  • Saxon Intermediate 3 Textbook, 623 indexed pages, hardcover. Pages are two-tone and don't include any distracting illustrations.
  • Power-Up Workbook; 110 non-reproducible, newsprint-like pages, three-hole-punched, perforated pages. Softcover.
  • Testing Book, 63 reproducible, perforated, newsprint-like pages, softcover.
  • Solutions Manual, 123 pages, softcover.

  • This kit refers to "Activity Pages;" email our customer service department at to receive these!
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    Format: Other
    Vendor: Saxon Publishing
    Publication Date: 2011
    ISBN: 0547625863
    ISBN-13: 9780547625867

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    1. KCoren04
      2 Stars Out Of 5
      Post 3rd Grade...Maybe
      November 18, 2016
      Quality: 2
      Value: 2
      Meets Expectations: 1
      I was excited about the possibility of my 8 year old learning to be a bit more independent in math. The "self teaching" spoke volumes to me. But what I have realized, is that the curriculum is probably better suited for someone who has already had 3rd grade math. Maybe this would be better geared towards a student transitioning to Saxon for 4th, but it has not been a good 3rd grade option.

      For us, there were some instructional steps that were just missing. We did 33 lessons. It took my student about an hour and half to complete each one, and then most of the answers needed some sort of correction. When we corrected it together, I basically taught what the book had not. Here are some of my observations:

      1. You work out of a notebook or on your own paper. In order to answer the questions correctly, you have to transcribe them onto another sheet of paper. It is really important to make sure your student's hundreds, tens, and ones spots line up, or they will get it wrong.

      2. Fractions seemed to be more assumed than taught. Especially with telling time to a Quarter of an hour. We have really struggled to connect this as a fraction of an hour.

      3. The multiplication is not really obvious either. I have been supplementing with Khan Academy on-line videos

      4. We just moved into learning about directional instructions, and I feel like I completely missed the lesson where it tells you directions are based on city blocks. We figured it out and it was simple....but my son would not have been able to figure that out without having me there to help with it.

      I just bought the Saxon 3rd grade Home Study kit. I plan to give my student the assessments, and then see how far into the curriculum we can comfortably start. Hopefully we can start 2nd semester 3rd grade Math with lesson 70, and finish 3rd grade math by the end of the year.

      The Intermediate 3 wasn't a complete fail, and we did learn. But it was a slog. A terrible. horrible. slog. Which is not how I want any student to feel. So, that was my experience. Would I recommend it. No. Please No.
    2. Home school Mom of 6 for 13 + years.
      1 Stars Out Of 5
      Not as Good as the original 3rd grade
      July 27, 2016
      Home school Mom of 6 for 13 + years.
      Quality: 1
      Value: 1
      Meets Expectations: 1
      I have used saxon math for 13 years. Last year I chose to switch to this 3rd grade as my classroom is VERY busy and I was hoping it would be more of a hands on for my 3rd grader and not so teacher led. It is more hands on for the student so that was nicer BUT it is not even comparable to the original 3rd grade in material. I feel this math has set my third grader back and it will be a hard year coming with fourth grade. I also feel that they have "dumbed" it down for Common Core so the public school will use it. The way that they taught multiplication was IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with for my daughter who never struggles in math. There were many tears and I finally got my own flash cards (they are not included with this curriculum) and put the math away and started working with her on the side so that she could finish the year. There is not even a book offered to correct the "PowerUp". It is just not well thought through and a waste of time, money, Energy, and a whole school year. I would NOT recommend this math. Stick to the teacher led 3rd grade with all the flash cards and really great foundation for 4th grade.
    3. Homeschooling Momma
      4 Stars Out Of 5
      This was a perfect fit...
      February 10, 2016
      Homeschooling Momma
      Quality: 4
      Value: 4
      Meets Expectations: 5
      We are currently on Lesson 8 but I have reviewed the layout of the book for lesson planning purposes. This text book does a wonderful job teaching directly to the student.No teachers manual needed, just read the lesson out of the book. I am using this with my 7 year old son. It makes it easy for me to teach the lesson by going directly out of the book. Once my son has gained confidence in his reading, he will be able to do the lessons entirely independently with only minimal help from me. With 2 other small children in the house this will be very helpful. This book is NOT designed to be teacher intensive.

      I opted to go with a higher math book than my child's age because this book does a great job of thoroughly explaining new topics. Math is also my strong subject and I was confident going in that I would be able to explain any new topics with more detail as needed. If it had been grammar, I would have been all over a version with a teachers manual and as basic as we could start.

      Saxon does have placement tests available but to help with placement, I should note that math is my son's strongest subject as well. The first 10 lessons are very basic addition and subtraction (single digits, less than 10), telling time to the 5 minutes and using quarter of an hour, the months, days in a month/year, leap years, Reading a Thermometer, etc. Around lesson 30, the book starts to pick up and get into a few more challenging lessons. Fractions, money, multiplication, estimation, etc. For a younger student who is mathematically inclined this is a great fit. I am also confident that had my son followed math at a steadier pace or a slower pace it would do equally well.

      The best aspect of this book is that it teaches the lessons and will continually review it in the daily work for several more lessons. For example: It teaches lessons 1 through 5. Each day they practice the lesson, then do homework that covers the daily lesson and the lessons before it. The will continue to practice these in the days after. Then they will test/quiz on it after lesson 10. This gives them several days to practice and for me to see if there are any points he is struggling on and cover those more in depth or give him more practice on. We do one lesson per day unless it is something new to him. For example, the addition and subtraction my son can do through 3 digits. But we haven't covered time very well. I went ahead and spent a week on time with him and we practiced it quite a bit before moving on.

      I should note that the Activity sheets are not included, nor are the investigation sheets. For the handful that I have looked at and come across, this has/will not prevented us from doing the activity.

      I hope this review will help others decide if this book will be a good fit.
    4. Brandi
      2 Stars Out Of 5
      geared for classroom use
      July 27, 2015
      Quality: 0
      Value: 0
      Meets Expectations: 0
      I love Saxon Math, but this book needs editing. It's hard to tell what my role should be as "teacher." It is NOT a complete kit; each "investigation" refers to lesson activity pages which are not included. Supposedly Saxon has made them available online for printing, but you have to know to look for that and it is no longer available at all that I can find. The explanations of content are not as thorough as in either 3 or 5/4. It seems to assume that a teacher is presenting the material first and the textbook is for student review, which makes it seem to me as though it is intended for a classroom. As far as I can tell, they didn't change anything to make it "homeschool" other than maybe some minor formatting and production adjustments. The content of each lesson is unlike their other homeschool books. Stay with 3; skip the intermediate.
    5. lspinkrose
      St. Johns, FL
      5 Stars Out Of 5
      I loved this program
      February 17, 2014
      St. Johns, FL
      I used this program for half a year (1 semester) to "catch up" my child's math skills before we started 4th grade math. What a great program! The explanations are easy to understand, the warm-up activities help get into math mood :) and the written practice provides great review of all the concepts learned through the year. I saw my son go from being a "C" student to an "A" student in math with this program.
    Displaying items 1-5 of 8
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    Ask a Question


    Q: Do you need the manipulatives kit with this set?


    No, the manipulative kit is not required for this set.

    Q: Does the meeting book go with this also? the one that comes with the 3 group.


    No, the Grade 3 Meeting Book is only designed to accompany the "Saxon Math 3 Home Study Kit" (WW20111).

    Q: My daughter just completed Saxon Math 2. Should we got to Math 3 or Intermediate Math 3. Are they the same thing packaged differently?


    The "Intermediate Math 3" program is designed to be used by the student more independently than item WW20111 "Math 3 Home Study Kit". If you are looking for a curriculum that is teacher intensive like the Saxon Math 2 program, you will want WW20111 "Math 3 Home Study Kit". If your daughter is ready for more independent learning, you can use this kit.

    Q: My daughter struggled with Saxon Math 3 during the second semester, is this a good summer curriculum to catch her up to be ready for Math 5/4? She does not have the speed on her math facts, she also lacks some attention to detail that causes some missed problems during her second semester of Math 3.


    This is a full year curriculum but could be used as review material.

    Q: What level is this curriculum? Is this more difficult than Saxon 3? My child is not yet ready for 5/4 but we are finding Saxon 3 too easy.


    This is intended for students that are beyond needing the one-on-one attention provided by the Saxon Math 3 program, but are not ready for Math 5/4. It sounds like it would be a perfect fit for your situation.

    Q: do you need the fact cards?


    The Power Up Workbook includes math facts, but if flash card review is necessary you will need to purchase the fact cards (CBD stock number WW790137).

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