1. The Sacred Romance: Drawing Closer to the Heart of God
    The Sacred Romance: Drawing Closer to the Heart of God
    Brent Curtis, John Eldredge
    Thomas Nelson / 1997 / Trade Paperback
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  1. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    August 18, 2009
    Andrea Llewellyn
    My pastor preached excerpts of this book that had me in tears. I am very excited to read the book for myself.
  2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    March 4, 2008
    Patricia Mcadoo
    Awesome book,really speaks to your heart. I think everybody should read this book. I think Eldridge is a true man of God.
  3. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    November 22, 2007
    For the majority of my life, even though having been saved at the age of 7 years, I have struggled with building and keeping faith in the Lord. With many doubts about all of His Promises to us, I never felt satisfied with life, a significant person, or truly loved for everything that I am. I could go on forever about how much this book has drawn me to the Lord, but most importantly, this book has helped me completely with overcoming my major insecurities. The "Arrows" were more important to me for most of my life, so I was blind to God's Heart, Promises, and incredible Love for me. I also learned that I've always been trying to live life according to my own reasoning and coping strategies, while underestimating God's wonderful power and willingness to comfort, guide, love, forgive, etc. every human being who Loves Him. This book has totally encouraged me to change my whole perspective on life, Satan, God, and all His promises. Now, after having read this book very recently, I can hardly keep my mind off the Lord, constantly relying on Him for direction and intimacy! Very obviously, this book has made a wonderful transformation of my life. Please read it if you haven't. Every human being on this earth needs to read it, for the book explains to the reader everything he or she wants and needs to know and feel and what he or she has always been searching for.
  4. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    May 3, 2005
    Dr. Robert W. Kellemen
    When Curtis and Eldredge penned "A Sacred Romance", they started an avalanche of Christian writing on the Bible as a passionate romance novel and a grand adventure narrative. Theirs is still the classic on these themes. "A Sacred Romance" puts into words, pictures, stories, images, and illustrations (both ancient and current) concepts about God that many Christians always sensed were true, but rarely felt permission to believe. But more than adding new intellectual insight, Curtis and Eldredge provide a pathway toward a journey of spiritual intimacy. The subtitle says it well, "Drawing Closer to the Heart of God." At they explain, when you know His good heart, then everything within you longs to cling to Him. I would summarize the premise of "The Sacred Romance" with the phrase, "Life is a wedding and a war." Life is headed toward the marriage supper of the Lamb, which is immediately followed by the final victory of the Lion over the Serpent (see Revelation 19). Curtis and Eldredge describe how all of history contains this twin theme. Their message is not nearly so novel as some reviewers imagine. A thorough reading of Church history demonstrates that the life of the mind and of the heart has been integrated throughout Christianity. It is modern, Western Christianity that sidetracked the dual emphasis of head and heart. Yes, they could have developed their emphasis with more theological precision. However, the texts they do use, they develop appropriately. Further, their style is to offer a narrative, not an analytical, retelling of the eternal sacred romance. Whether you're a new Christian or a seminary professor, "A Sacred Romance" can open windows to your soul. These windows will not only refresh your relationship with God, but also with others. Reviewer: Dr. Robert W. Kellemen, author of "Soul Physicians" and "Spiritual Friends."
  5. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    April 18, 2004
    David E. Finnell
    I believe many will read this book and say I dont get it. This work is profound. I just finished the book. Trying to put it down, all I could do to stifle my sobs was to try and mutter to God, thank you, thank you, thank you.Failure to see the point of a book like this, and recognize Gods heart for what it is, magnifies the reason for the books importance. The authors own poignant reflection on this is seen through an excerpt from page 203 in the paperback: This is inevitable when we fail to remember, or when we remember only with a purely propositional approach to Scripture. We can possess volumes of doctrinal knowledge and it can all be true, but if it is separated from realityespecial the life of the heartit becomes of no consequence to us. I read no early reviews and completely missed any hype about it, because I wasnt tuned in to the release of the book or to the co-authors. Ive bowed and thanked God for personally blessing me with this exposure to Curtis and Eldredges insights. Not only is what they say relevant but it is evidence of life and of not being alone, either physically or in our thought-lifeour spirits access to the deep heart of God and our connections to each other as we traverse common ground.This book seems for times when: you need a hug from God words alone are just not enough, if youre really honest you know Gods words but youd like to feel his touch, and see his face youd like to hold Gods hand and go skipping through heavens fields you cant wait to have all the above, but have accepted or need to be reminded that you mustI previously read Wild At Heart and loved it. The Sacred Romance is very different, as apparently it was meant to be. It has moved me like only one other book Ive read over the last 20 years. I just bought over 3 dozen copies to share with close friends and family, and will ask that they keep a copy and pass one on to others.
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