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  1. Queen of the Waves, American Tapestries Series #1
    Queen of the Waves, American Tapestries Series #1
    Janice Thompson
    Summerside Press / 2012 / Trade Paperback
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  1. Suwanee, GA
    Age: Over 65
    Gender: female
    4 Stars Out Of 5
    Smiles and tears make for a satisfying read
    November 4, 2012
    Ane Mulligan
    Suwanee, GA
    Age: Over 65
    Gender: female
    Quality: 4
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 4
    Janice Thompson masterfully weaves gentle humor into the tragedy of the Titanic's fateful journey, making the smiles bigger and the tears heartfelt. Novel Rocket and I give Queen of the Waves a high recommendation.
  2. Arizona
    Age: 45-54
    Gender: female
    4 Stars Out Of 5
    Good story regarding healing and second chances.
    October 28, 2012
    Michelle Sutton
    Age: 45-54
    Gender: female
    Quality: 4
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 4
    I am a total Titanic buff and love to read stories about that fateful voyage. And yes, I've watched James Cameron film "Titanic" about ten times. That said, I enjoyed the premise of this story. The setting appealed to me as well as the plot. The spiritual arc was strong and there were good reasons why Peter sought to help his sister. Now granted, I was disappointed in him, so I hope in the future he resolves his issue. I also wished one of the main characters would have fallen for the man her father arranged for her. Ah, well, sometimes things have a way of going in a different direction and as a reader, you just accept that.

    Regarding the romantic aspects of the story, they were heart-warming. I would have loved to have seen more romantic tension, but for whatever reason the story didn't play that out. I know it was a short voyage so not much could be done in such a short time. And we certainly didn't want to see the characters do what Rose and Jack had done in the film. At the same time there is something about staring at death that makes people desperate enough to change their minds about what really matters. The sinking was sad, of course, but it was not shown in a way that would traumatize the reader. The movie did that well enough. In some ways it wouldn't have seemed right to dwell on the negative in this book but rather focus on second chances.

    Anyway, I enjoyed this story, though it didn't have quite the zing I'd hoped for. Part of that may be due to the many different points of view rather than the two main characters as is typically done in romantic novels. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable read. The best part of the story was probably the healing that took place regarding the issue with fathers in several characters' hearts. In some ways I would have liked to see more of that aspect of the story because it was so rich and deeply felt.
  3. Bath, NY
    Age: 55-65
    Gender: female
    4 Stars Out Of 5
    A Taste of Titanic History
    October 22, 2012
    Bath, NY
    Age: 55-65
    Gender: female
    At first glance, the plot of Queen of the Waves appeared to fit a predictable scenario: wealthy Industrialist plans a business merger and arranges a marriage between his new partner Roland and his daughter Jacquie. But there the expected outline changes, as everyone involved has their own plan. Jacquie's mother, herself in an arranged marriage, wants something better for her daughter, and secretly makes plans for her to travel on the Titanic to live with her grandmother in New York. Jacquie, who's in love with Peter, the groundskeeper, plans that he will travel with her to America. But Peter, a loyal British subject, has no desire to move to America; he sees the trip as an escape for his sister Tessa, who is constantly abused by their drunken father. When the great ship sails, it's Tessa who occupies the fabulous stateroom, in company with Iris, Jacquie's maid, who longs to be recognized as a dress designer in the new world.

    As the book began, I found it a little confusing, as the reader is introduced to a variety of people with no clear connection to each other. As the story developed, however, those background stories helped to set the stage for the main characters -those who boarded the Titanic and those on both sides of the ocean who loved them. Tension built as the story progressed, as the end of the Titanic is known, but not of the many personalities on board.

    Although the story seemed to start slowly, that quickly passed, as I was caught up in the wealth of detail provided on the wonder that was Titanic, and what it was like to sail on her. I rejoiced with Tessa when she learned of a loving Heavenly Father, I shed tears as families were separated and women hastily hugged their husbands goodbye. I appreciated the ending, which was believable and if not quite "fairy tale", was certainly satisfactory. Queen of the Waves fulfilled its purpose as part of the American Tapestry collection, as it was quite educational about the historic event and also provided hours of reading pleasure.

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.
  4. 3 Stars Out Of 5
    Unique take on Titanic story
    October 17, 2012
    i blog 4 books
    Earlier this year a ton of new books set on or around the Titanic came out to commemorate the 100th anniversary of its sinking. I read as many as I could get my hands on and was fascinated by each story and the way they represented that period in history. So I was excited to see another "Titanic book" come out this month.

    Janice Thompson is a fairly new-to-me author, and I was surprised by how different this was than the romantic comedies I read earlier this year. Queen of the Waves has more depth and emotion than I was expecting and I was pleasantly surprised! While the book started off a little slow and left me wondering how all these very (!) unique characters were going to fit together, when it took off, it was at a rapid pace and things just fell in place!

    The time aboard the Titanic was my favorite part of the whole book. It's such a tragic story, and Janice really showcased some of the more personable tidbits about passengers aboard the ship. As Iris and Tessa met many of the other passengers, it just added to my enjoyment of the book.

    Overall, I enjoyed this sweet, coming-of-age story and look forward to more from Janice Thompson in the future. [3.5 stars]

    I received a free copy of this book from Summerside Press and Litfuse Publicity in exchange for my fair and honest review.
  5. Syracuse NY
    Gender: female
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    Never Wanted It To End
    October 16, 2012
    Syracuse NY
    Gender: female
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    I haven been looking forward to reading this book ever since the Author started posting pictures of the of the museums she was visiting to research this book. I feel in love with all of the posts by Janice Thompson and could not wait for this book to come out. She did not disappoint!

    The story sort of reminded me of the Prince and the Pauper...not quite it would have to be the Princess.

    The rich girl...Jacqueline Abingdon sets out to deceive her family, a world wide set of events are about to happen. She is so enamored with Peter Bowen, she will do anything to be his wife.

    Peter has a sister that he wants to help...her father is a cruel sick man. He takes everything that goes wrong out on his daughter Tessa.

    When Jacquie's Mother sets out to deceive her husband who has arranged a marriage for their daughter. She contacts her Mother in New York, and again the seeds of fate are set. What her Mother doesn't know is that Jacquie is about to deceive her Fiance, Father, and Mother.

    Jacquie convinces Tessa to be her and teaches her to be an Heiress, she even has her Ladies Maid Iris in on the plot. What none of them knows is that the ship Tessa and Iris will be traveling on is the Titanic.

    Of course we all know what happens on that voyage, but you almost forget and hope not. Impossible to change history, but what a fun ride we have, of course there is a lot of we know. Now that we know these people personally it is even harder.

    Don't miss this excellent fast read. I could not put it down, and finished in less than a day. Enjoy!!

    I received this book through Litfuse Publicity Tours and was not required to give a positive review.
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