The Perilous Fight: Overcoming Our Culture's War on the American Family
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The Perilous Fight: Overcoming Our Culture's War on the American Family  -     By: Ben Carson, with Candy Carson

The Perilous Fight: Overcoming Our Culture's War on the American Family

Zondervan Books / 2024 / Hardcover

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Stock No: WW368373

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Stock No: WW368373
Zondervan Books / 2024 / Hardcover

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Product Information

Title: The Perilous Fight: Overcoming Our Culture's War on the American Family
By: Ben Carson, with Candy Carson
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 256
Vendor: Zondervan Books
Publication Date: 2024
Dimensions: 9.00 X 6.00 (inches)
Weight: 13 ounces
ISBN: 0310368375
ISBN-13: 9780310368373
Stock No: WW368373

Publisher's Description

Learn from one of our leading conservative voices how we can return to the biblical values our nation was founded upon, especially the vital importance of the family, in order to secure a prosperous future for generations to come.

Does America no longer feel like home? Widespread divorce rates, the erosion of traditional marriage, the popular rise of radical ideologies, attacks on faith, and government interference are only a few of the factors contributing to the struggles of families in our culture. And because of the importance of healthy families to every part of our national life, the breakdown of the family threatens to rob us of the country we love. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Like many of us, Dr. Ben Carson fears we are losing the country we love. In this provocative and ultimately hopeful book, he gives us the facts, inspiration, and theory-to-action answers we need to restore a key foundation of America: the family.

The Perilous Fight equips us to understand:

  • The hard data behind the breakdown of the family and its effects on our society, including poverty, crime, and deteriorating education
  • The core biblical beliefs that led our nation into unprecedented freedom and prosperity--and why abandoning those beliefs led to the social decline we see today
  • The fresh ideas and public policy options that could reverse negative trends impacting the family while maintaining a balance between constitutional freedoms and governmental involvement


This is a practical and inspiring book for anyone who:

  • Feels discouraged about the state of our country and its institutions
  • Needs hope that there are commonsense, attainable solutions that we all can practice
  • Appreciates a conservative, Scripture-based approach to restoring faith, liberty, community, and life in America


Strong families are the cornerstone of strong communities. Strong communities build a strong nation. Only when we prioritize the family as an institution established by God will we proudly remain the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Author Bio

Dr. Benjamin S. Carson has served as the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, a candidate for President of the United States, and the seventeenth Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. He currently serves as the founder and chairman of the American Cornerstone Institute. He is also the author of six bestselling books: Gifted Hands, Think Big, The Big Picture, One Nation, A More Perfect Union, and Created Equal, the last four of which he coauthored with his wife, Candy. They are the parents of three grown sons and grandparents to eight grandchildren. They live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Candy Carson is the co-founder (with her husband Ben) of the Carson Scholars Fund, a charity that recognizes and rewards high academic achievement and demonstrated humanitarian qualities. This organization was created in response to the US crisis in education. With the over 4300 scholars in 42 states, peers of the scholarship winners are now striving for higher academic results as well. Candy also serves on the board of the Shriver Concert Series of Johns Hopkins University. She has worked in editing, trust administration, insurance, and real estate, having earned her Masters in Business from Johns Hopkins. While her 3 sons were in their early teen years, she along with them formed the Carson 4, a string quartet which has performed at churches, and community and charitable events, nationally and internationally. In her spare time, Candy still enjoys reading books and reading music on violin and piano. She writes for THINK BIG, the newsletter for the Carson Scholars Fund, and conducts the University of Maryland Medical Center Chamber Players. 

Editorial Reviews

'A strong America cannot exist without a society grounded in faith and family. Dr. Ben Carson understands that truth, which is why he is a shining example of the American Dream. Those who feel a sense of urgency to save this nation should read The Perilous Fight.' Lara Trump
'Dr. Ben Carson is a godly man and an effective leader, and he has hit the nail on the head in The Perilous Fight. If this country is going to make it, we need to love God and love each other. We need a revival of faith and family. We encourage every American to read this important book.' Phil and Miss Kay Robertson
'My friend Dr. Ben Carson provides a captivating and cautionary reminder to us of the importance of preserving faith and family. The Perilous Fight delves into why these fundamental principles and values are imperative to our identity as a nation and must be protected.' Former acting attorney general and American Cornerstone Institute senior fellow Matt Whitaker
'Since our nation's founding, the nuclear family structure has allowed families to thrive and overcome hardship and has proved vital to our success as a country. For years now, the Left has attacked the traditional family in an attempt to erode this core foundation. I applaud Dr. Ben Carson for shedding light on this in his new book, The Perilous Fight.' Pastor Tony Perkins
'The only way we can flourish as a nation and as a society is by embracing faith and family. God bless Dr. Carson for these important words that our country needs to hear and put into practice.' Dr. Robert Jeffress
'The road to resolving many of our nation's most pressing issues begins with restoring two of our cornerstone principles--faith and family. I commend my friend Dr. Ben Carson for being a thought leader in this pivotal space at such a crucial moment in American history.' Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives
'The traditional family is the bedrock of our nation. It's where you learn to respect others, obey your elders, share with others, and embrace the value of hard work. It is important to stand strong against the woke cultural tide at work to water down the importance of the traditional family, and I applaud Dr. Carson for calling attention to this issue.' Congresswoman Mary Miller
'There is no singular institution as crucial to the health and future well-being of our nation as the family unit. It's God's chosen vehicle for passing on our values, our faith, and our culture, which is exactly why far-Left ideologues laid siege to it for generations. The family is our nation's salvation. Its degradation will be our downfall. Dr. Ben Carson does not mince words; we are in a perilous fight to restore faith, morality, and community in this country. This undertaking can only be achieved if the American family is saved.' Charlie Kirk
'When I think of the American dream, I think of Dr. Ben Carson. He grew up in poverty, was raised by a single mother from the age of eight on, and went on to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2008. He has been through a perilous fight and has won. He is a husband, father, grandfather, leader, and shining example of the successes a life of faith and devotion can bring you. I can think of few men more qualified in this country to craft a blueprint for saving the American family.' Candace Owens
Faith and the family are critical to freedom and the American way of life. And they are currently under attack in this country like we've never seen before. That's why this book from my friend Dr. Ben Carson is so critical. The Perilous Fight provides a much-needed conservative road map on how to fight back against the destruction of these critical institutions.' Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX 21)
'Dr. Ben Carson's presidential campaign gave those who were paying attention a glimpse of what it might be like to have a decent man run the country. This book spells it out. Reading it is well worth your time.' Tucker Carlson
'Faith and family are fundamental pillars of America's success story. As a mother of three, I am encouraged when I see leaders like Dr. Ben Carson fighting to preserve these core values for my children's future. Every American needs a copy of The Perilous Fight on their nightstand.' Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders
'Faith and family have provided the bedrock on which this nation was founded. It is crucial for us to restore these values to the forefront of American culture. I want to thank my friend Dr. Ben Carson for leading the charge. We certainly are in the midst of a perilous fight to defend godly principles and safeguard America as we know it for generations to come.' Elaine Beck
'Faith and family play a crucial role in the fabric of our nation. Today, we must embrace these values again to avoid damaging and lasting effects. Dr. Carson's new book is a must-read for those who wish to reverse course.' Dr. Alveda C. King, Speak for Life
'For years, the Left has criticized faith and family, the very foundational principles that made America a great nation. In The Perilous Fight, my friend Dr. Ben Carson brings this important issue to the foreground of American life and culture, offering a hopeful, yet cautionary message to us all.' Senator Jim DeMint
'I've known Dr. Ben Carson for more than twenty years, and I have great respect for him as a doctor, government leader, and Christian brother. I appreciate the strong stand he takes for families, homes, and the authority of God's Word--all of which are foundational pillars of America that have been under attack. His thought-provoking book lays out how the erosion of religious beliefs has impacted our nation's way of life and what we can do to turn things around. The Perilous Fight's timely message will capture your attention and stir your heart.' Franklin Graham
'In this empowering book, Dr. Ben Carson emphasizes reconciliation and unity. He offers a path forward that encourages critical thinking and mature discussion. Even better, you'll discover solutions that benefit our nation's families. Don't wait. Grab a book today, and join the movement for the American family.' Governor Mike Huckabee
'Make no mistake about it, the very idea of the American family is under attack by the radical Left. What they fail to understand is that our embodiment of faith and family is what has made America exceptional. We are in a fight for the soul of this nation, and Dr. Ben Carson has delivered here a well-crafted, conservative battle plan.' Senator Mike Lee

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