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Virtual Experience Videos - Day 1

Everything Just Changed!

Friends, we know these are unprecedented days that we are facing. In light of that, the Orange team met and pondered summer 2020 and what VBS might look like this year. Join this conversation thinking through some possible scenarios.

Run Time: 30:05

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Can I Run an Online VBS?

Yes, You Can!

Whether you’re continuing with plans for a traditional VBS, considering a virtual event, or waiting a little longer to make plans, considering simplified crafts for your program will make your planning for any of these options easier. Let’s go over some ideas of crafts for VBS that use common kidmin supplies and even some options that use items families will probably already have at home.

Run Time: 34:26

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Creative Actions for a Virtual VBS

Orange leaders spoke with a lot of leaders and LOVE the ideas that you’re all pursuing to continue pushing for influence with kids and families. This week's segment welcomes Aaron Collier and goes over the creative actions his team is taking to create a virtual experience for VBS (while still keeping the option open for a traditional gathering). Grab your notebook because he is FULL of ideas on how you can make small adjustments and be ready to pull off the best virtual VBS experience for parents and kids in your community!

Run Time: 31:14

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Planning for Community Outreach

In this Strategy Session you will get to hear from another incredible friend and leader – John Huber. He’s the Family Pastor at Westside Family Church in Kansas City, and he shares about the innovative model for VBS that they’ll be implementing this summer. John and the Orange Team also discusses another important and timely subject –how to ask for donations. And the great news is that no matter what form your VBS will be taking this summer, learning how to ask for donations will apply. Let’s talk about different methods that we’ve used or leaders we’ve partnered with have used successfully to ask for donations of supplies and even monetary contributions to make VBS happen!

Run Time: 46:05

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Virtual VBS

You’ve been asking a TON of great questions, and we thought it would be great to get answers to everyone at one time. Take a listen and let us know if you still have unanswered questions about virtual VBS, FOCUS VBS or anything else related to VBS! Join

Run Time: 6:38

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Resourcing Families for Virtual VBS

We have SO much more to talk about regarding VBS and specifically virtual VBS! We’re covering ways to equip parents and guardians – from printable resources to kits with supplies and other fun items. We’ll also cover lots of questions we’ve been getting about virtual VBS!

Run Time: 31:14

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The Logistics of Virtual VBS

SOOOO much to cover this week in our VBS Strategy Session – How do I get participants for our virtual VBS? How can I use volunteers in a virtual experience? What is the best way to handle registration for virtual VBS or backyard Bible clubs? And what are some ways that we can still incorporate missions this summer? We’re going to tackle them all with the help from a special guest. You all are asking great questions and we are excited to help you brainstorm ways to make 2020 the Very. Best. Summer!

Run Time: 25:09

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Fostering Relationships in a Virtual VBS

We’ve saved the best for last! This week, we’re excited to talk about one of the MOST important topics for leaders working through the details of a virtual VBS. We’ll be brainstorming ways that you can foster relationships in a virtual setting. What does it look like to connecct kids with small group leaders through and beyond VBS? How can we continue to connect with parents when we’re not in the same room – or even building – with them? And what are some creative ways that ministries can continue to build into the relationships BETWEEN volunteers and your ministry team? Let’s get the ideas rolling and start this incredibly important conversation!

Run Time: 27:16

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