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Blaze A Trail: MEGA Sports Camp 2024

MEGA Sports Camp® Blaze a Trail invites kids to live an adventure with Jesus! When someone blazes a trail, they step off the path into the unknown. Along the way, they leave marks for others to follow. Kids will learn that Jesus blazed the trail for our salvation! As they follow Jesus, they can live their own adventure that points people to Jesus.

Athletes blaze trails when they set new records and act as extraordinary examples. To blaze a trail, you also must prepare yourself properly, commit despite the risks, endure through difficulties, follow the leader, and make your mark.

Good Vibes Only MSC 2023

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Show Kids Their Confidence Comes From God!

Redefine the phrase Good Vibes Only this summer with MEGA Sports Camp! It’s a popular expression with kids, and athletes often use it to describe the positive influence they want to exert and surround themselves with. But kids at MEGA Sports Camp outreach discover Good Vibes Only means they can have a positive influence on others because their confidence comes from God. Through Him, they are Valuable, Influential, Brave, Encouraging, and Selfless!

When you face every hurdle head-on and fight hard—knowing God’s got your back—you build the confidence you need to make it anywhere. Confidence based on God’s strength can’t be shaken.

It’s Good Vibes Only!

Good Vibes Resources

Mega Sports Camp has made an eternal impact on thousands of children who have accepted Jesus as Savior. Over the past two decades, MSC's publisher has added inspirational sports stories to the curriculum in order to illustrate a spiritual truth.

This year MSC learned how one story could create confusion to your young athletes when the story being told involves an individual with unbiblical values. They apologize for this oversight and have worked diligently to remedy the situation. The link below will provide these replacement items for the curriculum items affected by the Day 5 Sports Story:

Day 5 Good Vibes Only Free Downloads

In the future, the Mega Sports Camp team has decided to partner with a well-respected sports ministry to help discover and amplify messages of athletes who share our values. They are excited about this opportunity and the impact it will have on your young athletes!

Mega Sports Camp Overview

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