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2017 VBS: Digging for Treasure

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Dig into the parables of Jesus and discover the treasures of the Kingdom of heaven. Jesus' parables appear simple, but it requires listening and 'digging deeper' to understand their riches.

Day 1: It’s a Secret (Matthew 13:10-11a, 16)
Day 2: Listen Up (Mark 4:2-9, 13-20)
Day 3: It’s Growing (Matthew 13:31-33)
Day 4: Found It (Luke 15:1-10)
Day 5: Just Ask (Luke 11:5-13)

Digging for Treasure Supplies

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2016: Surprise! Stories of Discovering Jesus

Surprise Stories of Discovering Jesus VBS

Surprise! Stories of Discovering Jesus, the 2016 VBS from MennoMedia. Jesus surprised the people he met! People in the temple were amazed by the conversations and questions they had with a boy named Jesus. Hungry people in a crowd had more than enough food to eat when Jesus provided plenty of food. Two travelers were sad that Jesus died, but then they were surprised when Jesus started walking alongside them! With each surprise, people discovered more about Jesus. Join the journey this summer. Be surprised and discover more about Jesus.

Day 1: Discovering Jesus in the Temple (Luke 2:41-52)
Day 2: Discovering Jesus with Children (Mark 10:13-16)
Day 3: Discovering Jesus in the Crowd (John 6:1-4)
Day 4: Discovering Jesus at Night (John 3:1-21)
Day 5: Discovering Jesus on the Road (Luke 24:13-35)

Bible Translation: New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)
Ages: Preschool to Grade 5 (Ages 3 -11), with dedicated curriculum for preschool children. Ideas for adaptations for children in Grades 6-8 are also included.

Surprise! Available Resources

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2015: Message Received! Hearing God's Call

Message Received VBS

God has a message for you! Can you hear it?
Samuel heard it during the middle of the night. Mary heard it through an angel. The disciples were hard at work when they heard it. They all heard God's special message just for them! Message Received: Hearing God's Call lets children know that God continues to call all kinds of people—including them! People are called to love God and follow Jesus every day. Those who hear God's message and respond are forever changed.

Available Resources

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2013: Breathe It In

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Breathe It In invites children in early childhood (Preschool) through Grade 5 to discover the life-giving breath of God! Through Bible stories of breath and wind, children explore how God's own breath was used to create people and how the wind of the Spirit helped the young church to grow. As they participate in lively worship, music, Bible memory, and creative response activities (Snacks & Crafts), children will understand that God is the giver of life and is present with us all the time.

Breathe It In Daily Themes (and Bible Story):
Day 1: Breathe in Life (Adam / Genesis 2:4-9)
Day 2: Breathe in Hope (Ezekiel Dry Bones / Ezekiel 37:1-10)
Day 3: Breathe in Courage (Jesus Walking on Water / Matthew 14:22-33)
Day 4: Breathe in Wisdom (Build on the solid rock / Matthew 7:24-27)
Day 5: Breathe in New Life (Pentecost / Acts 2:1-6; 38-42)

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    Breathe It In: God Gives Life VBS, Invitation Postcards (package of 20)
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