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Rome VBS 2017 - Group

Rome VBS 2017 - Group Publishing

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Group's Holy Land Adventure transports kids back to biblical first century times to experience what it was like to be a Christian in the Roman era.

Rome Ultimate Starter Kit

  1. Rome Ultimate Starter Kit
    Rome Ultimate Starter Kit
    Group Publishing / 2016 / Other
    $130.49 Retail: $144.99 Save 10% ($14.50)

Experience the thrill of visiting ancient Rome and meet Paul in his prison cell! Transport kids to ancient times where they meet early Christians hiding in a cave, visit a Roman marketplace, race chariots and more.

This five-day VBS encounters Paul and the Underground Church where kids learn God's love is a gift, it changes us, is always with us, saves us, and is worth sharing.

The Ultimate Starter Kit includes: Ultimate Director Go-To Guide
Leader Manuals
Marketplace Sampler
Family Time Teaching Kit Sampler
Student Resources Sampler
Music, Media, Clip Art, Missions and more!

Rome Overview Video


Sample Song Action Videos

  1. Rome VBS 2017: Extollo Music DVD
    Rome VBS 2017: Extollo Music DVD
    Group Publishing / 2016 / DVD
    $13.49 Retail: $14.99 Save 10% ($1.50)

Rome's Extollo Music Leader DVD includes on-screen lyrics and actions for all 8 Rome VBS songs. *One copy is included in the Ultimate Starter Kit and Ultimate Starter Kit Plus Digital.

Rome VBS Music Samples

  1. Rome VBS 2017: Extollo Music CD
    Rome VBS 2017: Extollo Music CD
    Group Publishing / 2016 / Compact disc
    $6.29 Retail: $6.99 Save 10% ($0.70)
    Availability: In Stock
    Stock No: WW737428

The Extollos Music CD for Rome VBS makes it easy for everyone to join in fun worship. It includes all 8 of Rome's faith-building worship songs. Perfect for sharing with families before, during or after VBS. *One copy is included in the Ultimate Starter Kit and Ultimate Starter Kit Plus Digital.

Rotation Station Leader Guides (with samples)

Decorating & Costuming

  1. Roman Soldier Breastplate
    Roman Soldier Breastplate
    Group Publishing / 2009 / Other
  2. Roman Soldier Shield
    Roman Soldier Shield
    Group Publishing / 2009 / Other
  3. Roman Soldier Helmet
    Roman Soldier Helmet
    Group Publishing / 2009 / Other
  4. Roman Guard Sword
    Roman Guard Sword
    Group Publishing / 2017 / Other

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