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Ignite kids' faith by immersing them in Nordic culture where they learn about faith and culture from four Norwegian kids (through videos). This four day Cross Culture VBS from Group Publishing teaches God is good when life changes, when life is scary, when life is sad, and when life is good.

Expedition Norway Ultimate Starter Kit

  1. Expedition Norway VBS 2016 Starter Kit
    Expedition Norway VBS 2016 Starter Kit
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Help kids understand the big picture and see faith from another context! Your Cross Culture VBS Expedition Norway Ultimate Starter Kit includes:

Expedition Norway Ultimate Director Go-To Guide
Leader Manuals
Experience Norway Sampler
Student Resources Sampler
Music & Media: Decorating Places DVD, Ultimate Director Go-To Recruiting and Training DVD, Music Video DVD, Music CD Leader Version, Clip-Art CD-ROM.

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Expedition Norway Daily Bible Points

Expand kids' horizons and connect them with the global church with this four day VBS (plus an optional Day 5 celebration). At Expedition Norway VBS, real kids in Norway share their culture and faith with the help of KidVid Cinema, the CrossTrek Student Magazine, snacks, and a free interactive app.

When life changes, God is good. (Ps. 46:10) - Daniel is taken to Babylon (Daniel 1)
When life is scary, God is good. (Is. 41:10) - Daniel faces a den of lions (Daniel 6)
When life is sad, God is good. (Ps. 46:1) - Jesus dies and comes back to life (Jn. 18-20)
When life is good, God is good. (1 Chron. 16:34) - Jesus makes a beach-side breakfast for his friends (Jn. 21:1-25)

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