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2015 VBS (Revised)

God's Word takes center stage and your kids have a front-row seat! Young concert-goers will begin each day of this 5-day program rocking out to Go Fish's Bible-themed songs, and then rotate through the Backstage Catering (snacks), Set Design & Talent Discovery (crafts), Intermission (games), and Bible study stations. By the week's end, children learn the Ten Commandments, the books of the bible and how to be saved by grace. Pre-K to Grade 5. Uses the NIV.

2013: Gotta Move!

Gotta Move!...Keepin' In Step With The Spirit reminds children that God provides everything we need to walk with Him: A Savior, Forgiveness, a Helper & His Word.

Day 1: His Grace, Our Obedience (Genesis 6-7)
Day 2: His Word, Our Commitment (Joshua 1 & 3)
Day 3: His Son, Our Response (John 1)
Day 4: His Forgiveness, Our Repentance (Luke 15:11-32)
Day 5: His Spirit, Our Trust (John 14)

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