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  1. Splash Canyon Starter Kit - Concordia VBS 2018
    Splash Canyon Starter Kit - Concordia VBS 2018
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2018 VBS: Splash Canyon

Spash Canyon VBS Logo

Strap on your life jacket and get ready for a rip-roaring river ride with Splash Canyon VBS: God's Promise on Life's Wild Ride. Life is full of thrills and spills, and we may not know what's around the bend, but God does! At Splash Canyon VBS, kids discover that on life's wild ride, Jesus is always by our side (based on 2 Corinthians 1:20).

Preschoolers to adults learn about water stories in the Bible:
God is with Baby Moses (Exodus 2:1-10)
God's People Enter the Promised Land (Joshua 3-4)
God Heals Naaman (2 Kingd 5:1-14)
God Save Paul from the Sea (Acts 27:13-44)
God's Yes in Jesus' Baptism (Matthew 3:13-17)


2017 VBS: Mighty Fortress

Mighty Fortress VBS Logo

Raise the banner high, should it loud, the battle is done, because In Jesus, the Victory is Won! Mighty Fortress 2017 VBS takes kids to a kingdom where our champion, our fortress and sure defense is Jesus our Savior, our king. This 5-day chivalrous journey through Mighty Fortress Assemblies, Stronghold Storytelling, Victory Village Bible Challenge, Great Hall Snacks, Tournament Crafts and Games, is based upon 1 Corinthians 15:57.

Preschoolers to adults all learn God's Might Tumbles Jericho's Walls (Joshua 6:1-20); God Delivers King Hezekiah's Kingdom (1 Kings 18-19); God's Word Reforms King Josiah (1 Kings 22:1-23:30); King Jesus Enters Jerusalem (Luke 19:28-40); and Jesus Wins the Victory (Luke 23:1-24:12).

Includes Truth Be Told - an alternative rotation provided in commemoration of the 500th Reformation Celebration in 2017. It can be used in addition to or as an alternative to the Bible Challenge site; or, use it to complement another Reformation celebration event.


Jesus Encounters / Encuentros con Jesus - Spanish VBS

Jesus Encounters VBS Logo

Behind castle doors at a medieval university, mysterious Bible messages shine through stained glass windows in an old library. Who has the answers to unlock the truth? Meet Martin—a young student in the summer of 1507. Come along with Martin, Professor Lectione, and his classmates on a quest to uncover God’s salvation plan in Jesus—one stained glass window at a time. Jesus Encounters VBS stories invite us to sit at our Savior’s feet and see how Jesus blessed, healed, sought, and saved His people in the Bible and does the same for us. Freedom’s found only in the cross!

The only Spanish Vacation Bible School program that is originally written in Spanish and available in both Spanish and bilingual formats.

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