The Redeemer 2017 VBS

The 2017 Vacation Bible School from Bogard Press.

The Redemeer's Overview

Christ is our loving Redeemer! Join Dr. Vanguard and his crew to follow Jesus' life story from Bethlehem to Calvary, and see how he brings us joy, happiness, peace, hope, and love.

Theme Verse: I know that my remeeder liveth! Job 19:25
Bible Translation: King James Version (KJV)

Bethlehem: The Birth of Jesus (Luke 2:1-10) – I have joy that Jesus was born.
Jerusalem: The Early Life of Jesus(Luke 2;:9-52) – I am happy when I obey Jesus.
Sea of Galilee: The First Followers of Jesus (Matthew 4:18-22) – I have peace with I follow Jesus.
Capernaum: The Power of Jesus (Luke 8: 41, 42, 49-56) – I have hope in Jesus.
Calvary: The Resurrection of Jesus (Luke 23:33-24:6) – I know Jesus loves me.

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Music (Samples)

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    The Redeemer VBS: Music CD
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The Redeemer Music CD contains stereo tracks and split-track format, so you can listen to as little or as much of the vocals as you wish. *One copy is included in the Sample Kit.

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