Operation Arctic VBS 2017

Answers in Genesis 2017 Vacation Bible School

Operation Arctic Traditional Music Starter Kit

    Grab your parka and snow boots for a thrilling adventure into the cold tundra! Everyone discovers that the BIBLE is the Book of Books, has had an Incredible Impact on our world, is the Bedrock Base of our lives, is a Letter of Love to us, and is Exciting to Explore.

    The Starter Kit includes: Leaders Guides for all sites
    One Teacher Guide and One Student Guide for all ages groups
    Music: Traditional memory verse songs feature the music of Patch the Pirate
    Missions Moment Materials
    Promotional Tools
    Samples & Exciting Extras

    Operation Arctic Promo Video

    Operation Arctic Daily Bible Points

    Operation Arctic VBS Logo

    Grab your parka and snow boots! We’re headed deep into the stunning Arctic Circle to go exploring. Be sure to pack your Bible as you venture into the tundra to search this breathtakingly beautiful book. The Bible ...

    1. is the Book of all Books - It's the coolest book on the planet, unique in so many ways. (Various Scriptures)
    2. has Incredible Impact - The Bible's message has had an amazing impact on all the earth. (Acts 9:1-22)
    3. is the Bedrock Base - the foundation to build our lives on. (Matthew 7:24-29)
    4. is a Letter of Love - The Bible has a thrilling theme running through its pages. (Various Scriptures)
    5. is Exciting to Explore - Let's learn it, love it, and live it! (Luke 10:38-42)

    Unpacking Operation Arctic Contemporary Music Kit


    Bible Translation: Choose either NKJV or KJV. Student books and Explorer Guides are available in both versions.

    Music: Choose either Contemporary Music, Traditional Music with Majesty Music / Patch the Pirate, or Scripture Memory Verse music with JumpStart3

    Ages: Toddlers to Grade 6 (2 - 12 year olds), Teen/Adult Leader Guide available (not included in Starter Kits)

    Missions: Children's Hunger Fund / Mission: Hope Excursion.
    During Missions Moments at VBS, you'll hear from children in different parts of the world and how God is working through the local church to deliver hope to them. Living in Peru, Zambia, Nepal, Ukraine and the Middle East, each of these kids has a unique story. Help local churches deliver Children's Hunger Fund Food Paks and share the Bread of Life as well!

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    Companion Products (26)
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