Keepers of the Kingdom VBS Free Downloads

Download Keepers of the Kingdom Logo

Download Keepers of the Kingdom VBS Logo as a graphic image file. Click the logo image to download.

New This Year
Download videos of the animated (moving) logo in three different formats below.

Animated Logos

Kingdom Daily Character Downloads

Crafts, Games, & Snacks

Answers in Genesis' Partnership with Children's Hunger Fund

Every quarter ($0.25) provides one meal for a hungry child. And also, local churches share the gospel providing spiritual food along with physical food. Every dollar your VBS kids and community raises provides four meals and also opportunity to spread the love of God and salvation through Jesus.

Decorating Videos: Main Set & Bible Lessons

Hallway Decorating

Create Castle Hallways All Throughout Your Church!

  • Common and inexpensive supplies
  • Reusable decorations year after year
  • Images & Templates included in the Resources USB
  • Posters in the Keepers of the Kingdom Poster Set include 20 posters that also help decorate your space.

Entranceway, Courtyard, and More

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