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Helps kids of all ages and abilities connect with God.

Start kids on a journey of faith that lasts a lifetime with HeartShaper - a fully resourced, dated Sunday school curriculum for toddlers through preteens that is also special needs friendly. This Bible-centered classroom-based quarterly curriculum helps kids build a relationship with God and takes children through the Bible five times before sixth grade. Fun, focused Sunday school lessons include activity options, integrated Bible skills, fun student pages, visuals, enhanced CDs, take-homes, online helps, and much more. Uses the NIV translation for Grades 1 - 6.

Overview & Distinctives

Bible Translation:

  • ICB for Preschool and Pre-K & Kindergarten.
  • NIV for Early Elementary,Middle Elementary, and Preteen.
  • KJV resources for all ages, including memory verse print-outs and family letters, are on the CD-ROM in each Teacher's Convenience Kit.

Format: Classroom

Time frame: 60 minutes. (Toddlers, Preschool, Pre-K & Kindergarten include a 2nd hour of related lesson material.)

Class Activites: Work for small or large groups of children.

Ages: Toddlers & 2s through Preteen/Grade 6.

Scope & Sequence: 2 years. (Toddlers & 2s is one year)


HeartShaper is Special Needs Friendly
  • Full color interactive visuals with contemporary artwork by nationally accomplished designers.
  • Customizable lessons through editable Word documents.
  • CD with audio tracks and printable files for additional activities, Bible Memory, teacher helps, and more.
  • Free online helps: Quarterly Special Needs Newsletter (15 pages) to train teachers and help them adapt lesson activities. Teacher Training videos and articles. Weekly Faith & Family and quarterly Family connections parent's newsletters. Holiday Helps seasonal craft activities. Plus, leading a child to Christ full color brochure, puppet patterns and more.
  • Bilingual English & Spanish Teaching Pictures for Preschool, Pre-K & Kindergarten, and Early Elementary.

Download Scope & Sequence for All Levels

Sample Lessons: Free Downloads

How It Works

Preschool and Pre-K & Kindergarten

  1. Getting Started: Activities that help children experience and explore an introduction to the lesson. (10-15 Minutes)
  2. Bible Discovery: Kids learn the Bible story through Sing & Pray, Bible Time, Bible Review and Bible Memory. (20-25 Minutes)
  3. Grow & Go: Hands on activities helping children apply what they've learned to their own lives. (25 - 30 Minutes)

Early Elementary, Middle Elementary, & Preteen

  1. Focus In: Activities that help children experience and explore an introduction to the lesson. (10 Minutes)
  2. Explore His Word: Children explore the Bible lesson, engage in a Bible Review Activity, and participate in Bible Memory & Bible Skill Building activities. (25 Minutes)
  3. Make It Real: Life application activities that employ different learning styles. (15 Minutes)
  4. Live It Out: A creative or craft activity that serves as a reminder at home during the week to reinforce the lesson. (10 Minutes)
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Essential Resources

HeartShaper Teacher Convenience Kits

The Teachers Convenience Kits are a great value - just add student activities pages and take-home pages to complete classroom needs.

Available for each age-level, the kits include:
- 1 Teacher Book
- 1 Teaching Resources multi-sensory teaching tools (including full color posters and other teaching visuals and an enhanced CD-ROM with music, printable files, and more)
- 1 sample student in-class activity book
- 1 set of student take-home papers

Free Helps

More Teacher Resources

  1. Creative Teaching Methods
    Marlene LeFever
    David C Cook / Trade Paperback
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  2. 13 Very Big Mistakes People Made and What God Did   About Them
    Mikal Keefer
    David C Cook / 2018 / Trade Paperback
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  3. 13 Very Surprising Sayings and Why Jesus Said Them
    Mikal Keefer
    David C Cook / 2018 / Trade Paperback
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  4. Teaching with Heart: A Guide to Cherishing and Challenging Children in the Christian Classroom
    Jody Capehart
    Standard Publishing / 2005 / Trade Paperback
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