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Since 1896, R. H. Boyd Publishing Corporation has published and distributed culturally relevant, faith-based, and educational books and resources. Now in it's 5th generation of leadership, R.H. Boyd takes an important role in addressing needs and concerns of disenfranchised communities. Engaged conversation and action is encouraged to achieve positive impacts for future generations in the areas of social justice, health and well-being, gender equality, multigenerational communication, access to education, green initiatives and more.


Bible Translation: Student Books up to teen: NRSV, Teacher Books, College & Career, Adult: KJV & NRSV
Time frame: 60 minutes, with added activities for more time if necessary.
Format: Classroom Setting
Ages: Toddlers (2 years) to Adult

  • Sunday school lessons follow the International Uniform Sunday School Lesson Outlines (ISSL / Uniform Series) scope and sequence
  • Culturally relevant studies encouraging dialogue about today's issues
  • Can be used for personal study, group study and more

Preschool through Age 11 all use the same Children's Teacher Guide. This instructional manual is used for Growing with Jesus (ages 5 & younger), Young Learners (ages 6-8) and Adventurers with Jesus (ages 9-11).

Every teacher needs a manual. Every student needs a student book. Each student book is colorful with visually engaging images and activity based learning helps for students to grow in faith in the Lord at an age-appropriate level.

  1. Vacation Bible School 2024

Students ages 12 - 17 use the same Youth Teacher Guide. This instructional manual is used for Seekers for Jesus (ages 12 -14) and Teen Scene (ages 15 - 17).

Every teacher needs a teacher guide and every student needs a student book. A colorful contemporary visual design with engaging thoughts and questions helps middle and high school students grow in faith in the Lord

College & Career along with Adult Christian Life student books use the same Master Teacher Guide. Each lesson includes extensive biblical exposition and specific teaching instructions, including a unifying topic, key verse, teaching steps, home devotional readings, ample space for notes and more!

Every teacher needs a Master Teacher Guide and each student needs a student book.

Contemporary Training for the the Church Series

Adult Enlightener

Adult Enlightener is designed for individual and group Bible study for Millennials and Generation X students. It examines Scriptures, themes, topics, and issues of interest to college and early career-oriented young adults. The study includes a biblical exposition, and activity and questions that provoke further thought on the issue at hand, and depiction of terms to aid in the process of learning. Each week features:

Key Verse
Scripture References
Biblical Teaching Emphases
Dictionary of Terms
Share Your Thoughts
Making It Relevant

Sample Lesson - Adult Enlightener

Adult Mentor

Adult Mentor

Adult Mentor enhances the biblical and theological knowledge and understanding of seasoned adult Christians. Empower adult learners to inspire and encourage members of the community of faith. Each lesson includes an exposition of select Bible passages related to a specific biblical theme, an activity to reinforce learning, and examination of biblical principles and theological concepts, and a dictionary of biblical terms. Each week features:

Learning Lesson
Key Verse
Scripture References
Theological Concepts
Key Concepts to Enhance Your Understanding
Dictionary of Terms
Activity: Making It Stick

Sample Lesson - Adult Mentor

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