BOLT: Super-Charged for Life!

The modular kids' club program for students in Grades 1 through 6 from Pioneer Clubs. Awesome and easy-to-use 4 to 6 week modules that teach Bible Exploration and Life Skills.

Bolt Large Group Plan Books

What is BOLT?

Biblically Centered
Outreach Focused
Life Skills Learned
Transformation Experienced

  • Easy-to-use Bible studies for kids in 1st through 6th grades.
  • Each unit runs 4 to 6 weeks long
  • Large Group format: 30-35 minutes (also useful as a kids' sermon)
  • Small Group: combine with the large group for 45 - 55 minutes total
  • Each small group study has a hands-on activity that connects to the Bible story, great discussion questions for every age, creative Bible memory techniques, and a mentoring opportunity.
  • Bolt Bible Take Home reviews the lesson & the Bible verse graphically, and connects kids with their families at home.
  • Teach both faith and life skills

More Information

Life Skills

BOLT Life Skills helps kids develop interests that connect them with the larger world and gives them opportunities to serve with their new skills.

  1. Bible Sale Week 5/29-6/5