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Hearts and minds focused on God leads to a truly joyful life.

A life that is focused on God is one that is full of joy--this is the focus of the Joyful Life Bible Study program and Sunday school curriculum. Joyful Life emphasizes teaching the Bible in a way that children and adults will learn and remember throughout life. Not seeking to entertain, the publisher believes the Bible itself engages us in captivating ways and is relevant to our lives. Children, youth, and adults are visually stimulated by teaching posters, charts, and visuals. The program is designed to build up their faith and equip them to effectively present their beliefs to others. The fully resourced curriculum includes Sunday school curriculum for Toddlers through Juniors (Grade 6) and Bible study for Youth 1 (Grade 7) through Adult.

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Bible Translation: KJV
Time frame: 60 minutes
Ages: Toddlers (2 years) through Adult in 9 age groups
Format: Classroom Setting
Scope & Sequence:
Toddlers: 2 years
2s & 3s to Junior: 2 years
Youth 1 & Youth 2: 3 years

Toddlers (18 - 36 Months)

Joyful LIfe Toddlers Curriculum

Teaching Toddlers How God is Special to Them and the World Around Them.

Toddlers learn the simple truths that God made everything they can see, touch and taste. Then they learn to thank God for everything around them – the earth and everything in it: plants, animals and families. 30 minutes of curriculum for children ages 18 - 24 months. This 6 month sequence of study contains: Part 1: God Made My World & Part 2: Thank You, God.

Toddler Scope & Sequence

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2s & 3s

Joyful Life 2s & 3s curriculum

Helping Little Ones Understand the Importance of Loving God and Obeying His Word.

As little ones grow from 24 to 36 months, their hearts are very open to the seeds of faith. This two-year program provides quarterly Teacher Guides and beautiful, full-color Bible visuals for easy, effective teaching every week. Two- and three-year-olds love the character-building stories about puppets named Mittens and Boots, and they enjoy colorful activity sheets, stickers, and simple crafts. Take-home papers feature the Bible story and character story in a format designed especially for this age group.

2s & 3s Scope & Sequence

2s & 3s Samples

Beginner (4s & 5s)

Joyful Life Beginner Curriculum

Showing 4- and 5-Year Olds How to Trust Jesus and Live for Him.

Faith comes easily for four- and five-year-olds because they are eager to learn and believe God’s Word! Colorful Bible Flash-a-Cards and delightful Bible stories make learning fun for preschoolers in this two-year program. In the Teacher Guides, built-in Bible-lesson and memory-verse reviews help children remember their Bible stories and verses for life. Fun-filled activity sheets, take-home papers, and Bible memory cards also help reinforce the teaching of God's Word.

Beginner Scope & Sequence

Beginner Samples

Primary (Grades 1 & 2)

Joyful LIfe Primary Curriculum

Training Young Children in the Importance of God's Word for Daily Living.

First and second graders are at an ideal age to learn Scriptural truths through the stories of the Bible. Using Bible Flash-a-Cards and Teacher Guides, the primary teacher can effectively present a fresh, lively Bible lesson each week. The easy-to-use teaching plans include familiar hymns, choruses, and memory verses, as well as helpful teaching tips and ideas for classroom management.

Each week, the children follow the adventures of the “Primary Friends” in colorful activity sheets and take-home papers, where they learn to apply Bible principles in their daily lives. These materials reinforce the Bible lesson with character-building stories, simple crafts, and other age-appropriate activities designed for beginning readers and for sharing with parents.

Primary Scope & Sequence

Primary Samples (Free Downloads)

Middler (Grades 3 & 4)

Joyful LIfe Middler Curriculum

Encouraging Boys and Girls to Faithfully Read their Bibles, Pray and Serve God.

The middle-elementary program gives children a smooth transition from Primaries to Juniors. Third and fourth grade students still love to hear the stories of the Bible and they are eager to learn how to practice the principles of God’s Word. The Bible Flash-a-Cards and Teacher Guides capture the attention of boys and girls through exciting Bible narratives. Add the hymns, choruses, and memory verses provided with each weekly lesson, and you have a fun-filled and valuable learning experience.

Middlers enjoy the activity sheets and take-home papers that accompany each Bible lesson. Stories, word puzzles, and other activities review the lesson and teach children to apply Scriptural principles in their own lives. Daily Bible-reading guides and other features encourage them to study God’s Word for themselves and promote Christian character.

[Middler Scope & Sequence]( Life Middler Scope & Sequence2.pdf "Joyful Life Middler Scope & Sequence")

Middler Lesson Samples

Junior (Grades 5 & 6)

Joyful LIfe Junior Curriculum

Leading Youth on Fascinting Journeys in Understanding the Truths of God's Word.

By fifth and sixth grade, children are ready for more practical application of Scriptural truth. Yet they still enjoy learning through the narratives of God’s Word. With the Bible Flash-a-Cards and Teacher Guides, the Junior teacher can share important Bible principles in an interesting, memorable way. Hymns, choruses, and memory verses complete this well-rounded program.

Juniors look forward each week to fun-filled activity sheets and take-home papers which reinforce the Bible lesson and encourage application through a variety of interesting articles, stories, puzzles, and word games. With daily Bible-reading guides, personal challenges, and other features, these materials also encourage Christian character and spiritual growth.

Junior Scope & Sequence

Junior Curriculum Samples

Youth 1 (Grades 7 - 9)

Joyful Life Youth 1 Curriculum

Giving Younger Teens the Foundation to Make Right Choices and Live for God.

Youth 1 begins the transition to studying the books of the Bible and character studies in preparation for young adult and adult Bible study. The scope & sequence expands from 2 years to 3 years. Focus, the take home handout, highlights the Scripture reading and key verse for the week with activities and personal applications especially designed for teenagers.

Youth 1 Scope & Sequence

Youth 2 (Grades 10 - 12)

Joyful LIfe Youth 2 Curriculum

Helping Teens Approach Life with a Perspective of Surrender and Service to God.

Youth 2 completes the transition to studying the books of the Bible in preparation for adult Bible study and a life of humility and surrender to God. The 3-year scope & sequence mirrors the first 3 years in the adult Bible studies. Direction, the take home handout, highlights scripture reading and key verse for the week with activities and personal applications especially designed for older teenagers.

Youth 2 Scope & Sequence

Youth II Samples

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