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Simply Loved - Keep Sunday School Simple

Simply Loved strategically gives kids a Jesus-centered, foundational journey through God's story of love. Each quarter explores biblical truths from the Old & New Testaments. There is a 2 year scope & sequence for Simpy Loved (8 quarters + 2 Holiday Kits).

Each quarter includes 3 units and each unit includes 4 lessons exploring one theme so there's deep learning even for kids who don't attend each week. Each 4-week unit features a simply & flexible format, simple-to-follow lessons, strategic Bible content, intentional Bible memory focus, delightful animal characters, captivating media, helpful volunteer resources & engaging family resources.

Simply Loved Curriculum

Simply Loved removes complication by making Sunday School:

Simple For You: simplified volunteer roles, supplies that need to be gathered only ONCE per month, almost everything you need is in the kit, simplified leader guides giving you more time to focus on kids, lesson plan options guaranteeing you share the Bible Point

Simple For Kids: lesson meets kids where they are, lovable Bible memory buddies highlight Bible points in easy to remember ways, captivating animal facts to tie God's creation to Scripture, built-in opportunities for kids to share what's going on their lives

Simple for Families: Four-week themes mean families who miss a week still get great Bible learning, take-home sheets give an opportunity for the conversation to continue at home

Lesson Overview

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No need to spend hours studying and rewriting lessons. Simply select options that fit your time frame, add your authentic stories, and have a blast sharing God’s story with kids. Plus, lessons are written in a format to allow you to spend less time reading a page and more time making eye contact with your kids.

Format Overview for PreK & K and Elementary:

  • Opening Options- Take your pick of two opening activities-both introduce the Bible Point.

  • Sing & Play- Sing worship songs, discover the Bible Point and Bible Memory Verse, and meet the Bible Memory Buddy.

  • Bible Discovery- Experience a Bible story, spend time with Jesus, and build stronger friendships.

  • Apply-It Options- Reinforce kids’ discoveries with a game, experiment, or something new, and help them explore why the Bible Point matters in their everyday lives.

  • Take-Homes- Kids will love taking home their coloring page, craft or 3-D shape to show their families, opening the door for continued conversation at home.

Media Samples

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PreK & K Music CD Samples

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Play Controls Title Artist Duration Price Purchase
1. As I Have Loved You Simply Loved Series N/A Album Only
2. God You Are So Good Simply Loved Series N/A Album Only
3. Goodbye My Friends Simply Loved Series N/A Album Only
4. Hello My Friends Simply Loved Series N/A Album Only
5. Time To Clean Up Simply Loved Series N/A Album Only

Bible Memory Buddy Samples

Lesson Samples

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  • Bible Translation: NLT
  • Time frame: 45-60 minutes
  • Format: Classroom Setting
  • Grades: Pre-K & Kindergarten, Elementary (Grades 1-4)
  • 2 Year Scope and Sequence
  • 4 Week themes mean families who miss a week still get great Bible learning
  • Captivating Music Videos & weekly Bible memory videos
  • Opening Activities use the same supplies for the entire unit

Repetition, Bible Buddies & Supplies

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