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Kids Own Worship - it's church, just for kids!

With Kids Own Worship, you'll reach this generation of children and help them grow in faith through engaging praise & worship, a weekly Bible point, and activities that reinforce the lesson. It's a great curriculum for churches that need flexible options for a range of ages in one group, varying attendance levels, and different group sizes.

Kids Own Worship works perfectly with FaithWeaver NOW curriculum, following the same 3 year scope and sequence.

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Program Overview
How It Works
Sample Lesson: Large Group Leader plus each Small Group Leader for Preschool and Elementary.

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KidsOwn Worship Overview


Bible Translation: Choose your preferred Bible translation
Time frame: 30-60 minutes
Format: Children's Church - Large Group praise & worship. Bible lesson time has flexibility to either keep as one large group or break into two groups of preschool and elementary aged children (adaptable to classroom setting).
Grades: Preschool through Grade 6 (2 age-groups: Preschool & Elementary)
3 Year Scope and Sequence
Each Quarterly Box includes: Leader's Guide, Sing & Praise DVD, and Songs on CD.

How It Works

Kids Own Worship Lesson Flow

How Kids Own Worship Works

  1. Let's Praise God!: The whole group of children gather for praise & worship plus interesting activities that connect to the daily lesson. (25 Minutes)
  2. Let's Learn the Point! Activities reinforce the Bible lesson, either as one large group or two groups consisting of preschoolers and elementary aged children. (25 Minutes)
  3. Let's Pray!: Everyone assembles together again for prayer, offering and wrap-up of the day. (10 Minutes)

Digital Resources

Downloadable files make it easy to customize and distribute lesson content

PDFs and customizable MS Word documents of Teacher Guides, Preschool Skits, and Song Lyrics.
Quickly email documents to teachers or substitutes.
Give teachers and volunteers direct access to lesson content.
View lessons on your phone or tablet.
You get free access to downloadable content with the purchase of your quarterly kit.

Worship & Teaching Sample Videos

  1. Sunday School Curriculum