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Weave together a family's journey in faith by teaching the same Bible truth across all age levels. As families apply the same truths in their daily lives, they grow in faith individually and as a family unit.

FaithWeaver NOW is a quarterly, age-graded curriculum for infants through adults. The three-year scope & sequence covers the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Each quarter goes through 13 sequential Bible events so families get a snapshot of the Bible timeline.

Designed to work with Kids Own Worship (children's church) for all your children's ministry needs.

Adapting Lessons for COVID-19

Group Publishing has provided this excellent training video to help KidMin Leaders as they prepare video lessons during the current pandemic. Staying in front of your families during this season is important!


Bible Translation: NIV
Format: Classroom Setting
Timeframe: 60 - 65 minutes
Ages: Infants to Adults in 10 different age-appropriate groups
3 Year Scope & Sequence

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How It Works

FaithWeaver NOW Teaching Structure:

  1. Getting Started: Arrival activities helping students engage the lesson in fresh, meaningful ways.
  2. Bible Exploration: Every lesson uses interactive learning to take students past head knowledge to impact their lives and effect godly growth.
  3. Weaving Faith Into Life: Application of God's truth to students' every day lives.
  4. Lasting Impressions: Challenges for the week ahead to reinforce the lesson plus Family Connections for home.

Download Sample Chapters

Audio CDs

Faithweaver Now Audio CDs

Every Teacher Pack (from Infants & Toddlers to Grades 5 & 6) includes an audio CD with age-appropriate music tracks with Scripture songs and engaging audio dramas to reinforce the Bible lessons.

Digital Resources

Downloadable files make it easy to customize and distribute lesson content!

PDFs of Director Manuals, Teacher Guides, and FamilyConnect
Customizable Microsoft Word documents of Teacher Guides and FamilyConnect
Quickly email documents to teachers or substitutes.
Give teachers and volunteers direct access to lesson content.
View lessons on your phone or tablet.
You get free access to downloadable content with the purchase of printed Teacher Guides or Teacher Packs.

Companion Program

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Connecting families to God doesn’t stop with Sunday school. You can provide even more impact when you use FaithWeaver NOW along side Group’s KidsOwn Worship children’s church.

This program follows the FaithWeaver NOW scope & sequence. Extend the fun while reinforcing the weekly message in your second hour and midweek program.

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