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Give preteens fearless faith! Be Bold curriculum gives preteens exactly what they need - validation of their faith questions, and a place to connect as they explore those questions together. Together, leaders and preteens explore the bible and dive into bold discussions and bold action building a bold faith.

Be Bold creates a community affirming one another and growing together in Jesus. Each week, kids say: You're accepted just as you are. Your thoughts and struggles are welcome. We're all in this together. God is here, ready to be your friend because you matter!

Easy Order Forms by Quarter

Class Posters

2 Sizes to Choose From

Display these posters around your classroom and help build a biblical foundation where even the most difficult questions can be explored.

Order one set per classroom. Size: 17"x 22".

Put Together a Bold Bag

As you think creatively in response to COVID-19 about Sunday School, consider creating a Bold Bag for your students to include:

  • reusable tote with encouraging scripture
  • the student pack: student book and mission cards
  • any supplies that would be less likely for everyone to have readily available at home
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