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Introduces Jesus for the next generation!

Gospel Light has a long heritage of faith beginning with Dr. Henrietta Mears who began the organization in her garage in 1933. The curriculum she developed influenced leaders such as Bill Bright, Richard Halverson, and Billy Graham. Gospel Light Sunday school curriculum remains committed to bringing you the same biblically-based Sunday school curriculum pursuing the mission: To Know Christ and to Make Him Known.

Gospel Light Distinctives

  • Gospel Light curriculum guides children to a deeper understanding of Jesus through mentoring relationships with teachers and parents with a strong emphasis on discipleship and evangelism.
  • Simple lesson plans at each age level make preparation easy for teachers.
  • In-depth teacher training resources are available for each age level.
  • Every teacher guide, preschool through preteen, includes an article with clear steps on how to lead a child to Christ.
  • For elementary ages, additional resources to print and email home to parents can be found on the CD-ROM included inside each teacher guide.
  • The Gospel Light scope and sequence is designed to take children through Bible 5 times by 6th grade.
  • Worship song CD’s for all age levels are reproducible to share with families.
Baby Beginnings Logo

Baby Beginnings nursery program helps infants and toddlers begin to learn about God's love for them. It's never too early to share God's love! The 2-year program in one box equips caregivers with the tools to help them learn about Jesus and his love for them. This is so much more than just babysitting! Scope & Sequence: 2 Years

Kit Contents:

  • 2 Teacher Guides with CD-ROM
  • Love to Wiggle and Giggle! Easel Book with activities
  • I Love to Look! Bible Story Picture Cards
  • I Love to Sing! Music CD (42 reproducible songs)
  • Nursery Smart Pages with DVD (Guidance, tips and training)

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Preschool Sunday School

Children learn in 3 easy steps: Play, Listen, Talk! Each easy-to-use lesson actively engages children in the Bible story and leads them to experience God’s love and know Jesus. Children learn to recognize that the Bible is God’s Word and that God loves and cares for them. Scripts for every lesson are included, and a Bible Tuck-in allows teachers to teach directly from the Bible. Gospel Light also offers a variety of ways for you to link with parents, as kids build faith at home throughout the week.

Age Levels: 2s-3s (Preschool) and 4s-5s (PreK)
Scope & Sequence: 2 Years
Format: Classroom
Length: 60 minutes
Multi-sensory Teaching Tools

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Give Me Jesus! Elementary Sunday School curriculum for Grades 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 develops a deep understanding of God’s Word by guiding children to study the Bible section by section.

Grades 1 & 2 focus on learning to read and exploring Bible stories and verses that kids easily understand and recall. Children learn that God wants our trust and obedience, which leads them to Jesus, their Savior. Gospel Light helps you to confidently teach the Bible—pure and simple, in contemporary and creative ways that will lay God’s Word as the foundation for your kids’ lives.

Grades 3 & 4 teaches adventurous eight to ten-year-olds to become wholehearted followers of Jesus. Kids develop the ability to use the Bible and related reference tools, and respond by obeying and trusting Christ and sharing God’s love with others. Games, art, storytelling and other fun activities keep this active group engaged and attentive.

Age Levels: Grades 1 - 4
Scope & Sequence: 4 Years
Format: Classroom Setting
Length: 60 minutes

Download Free Samples: Grades 1 & 2

Download Free Samples: Grades 3 & 4

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The Edge Gospel Light Preteen Logo

How do you keep preteens engaged? Gospel Light’s The Edge - 5th-6th Grade Sunday School - helps teachers develop meaningful relationships with their students that will lead to a strong foundation of faith. Based on 24 key Bible passages, students discover what the Bible says about popularity, success, failure, friendship, rules and more. Kids develop Bible study skills, grow in Christian maturity and respond by serving Jesus in church and the community.

Age Levels: Grades 5 & 6
Scope & Sequence: 2 Years
Format: Classroom Setting
Length: 60 minutes

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More Jesus! Large Group/Small curriculum combines a dynamic large group time filled with creative Bible story presentations, engaging music and video resources with an intimate small group time where kids can establish important relationships with leaders and with Jesus. Everything you will need for large group assemblies and smaller break-out groups of 8 - 10 children per leader is included in the Quarterly Kit. Small groups also divide by age for Younger Elementary and Elementary. Centered on the Bible and also fun and contemporary, children will know Jesus, love God and live their faith in practical ways through this curriculum. The scope & sequence matches Gospel Light's Give Me Jesus! Grades 1 - 4 and The Edge Grades 5 & 6, so this makes a great option for your second hour, Children's Church, or mid-week services.
Ages: 6 - 12 / Grades 1 - 6
Scope & Sequence: 2 Years
Format: Large Group / Small Group Children's Church
Length: 60 minutes

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Coloring Books

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