Maker Fest - Where Kids Meet the Master Maker!

At Maker Fest, families tinker, invent, doodle, and create together! At each idea-sparking station, they’ll have a blast as they learn how their creative Master Maker made them for a unique purpose.

Fall Fun for the Whole Family!

    Kids create in invent while discovering their true identity -- they are uniquely made by God, a true masterpiece!

    • Easy 2-3 Hour Event
    • Community Outreach
    • Strengthen Families
    • Re-use Maker Fun Factory VBS decorations
    • Fun for all ages
    • Site Rotation Format
    • Special Site Just for Preschoolers

    What's Inside the Maker Fest Kit
    Leading: Director Guide, Setup Guide, Outreach Guide, Experience Guide
    Music & Media: Music DEV, Media Pack (Graphics & Other Goodies CD + Decorating & Promo DVD)
    Sample Pack: Creator's Crate, Tinker Buddy Tag, Make Your Own Adventure Book, Maker's Motor, Weaver's Frame, Follow-Up Foto Frame

    Maker Fest Introduction

    Kids need encouraging messages of truth and love to shape their identity... and Maker Fest helps them discover they’re God’s masterpiece!

    And... as a bonus, Maker Fest is a great follow-up to Maker Fun Factory VBS—you can even use the same dècor! If you didn’t do Maker Fun Factory VBS, no worries—it works well for any church’s fall activities.

    Maker Fest is...

    • Easy for you—and your volunteers. Everything you need to plan this amazing 2- to 3-hour event is in one convenient kit.
    • So much fun that kids hate to leave! (Really... it happened at our field test!)
    • A great way to reach your community.
    • Works for any size church!

    Maker Fest Stations Include:

    Maker Fest Overview


    Maker Fest Event Essentials

    1. Make Your Own Adventure Book, pack of 10
      Make Your Own Adventure Book, pack of 10
      Group Publishing / 2017 / Trade Paperback
    2. Maker's Motor, pack of 10
      Maker's Motor, pack of 10
      Group Publishing / 2017 / Other
    3. Weaver's Frame, pack of 10
      Weaver's Frame, pack of 10
      Group Publishing / 2017 / Other
    4. Launchers (Enough for 10 kids)
      Launchers (Enough for 10 kids)
      Group Publishing / 2017 / Other

    Maker Fest Decorating & Program Resources


    Maker Fest Music Video Sampler

    1. Fall Festivals
    2. VBS 2018