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Known by God, Connected with Others

SEEN curriculum helps you provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to discover the truth and wisdom of God—all while processing what they see in the world. SEEN offers strategic areas for student care and learning, weekly parent and teen connection messaging and ideas, and helps leaders successfully communicate.

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SEEN Curriculum includes a Leader Guide, Student Guide & Digital Resources. View samples by clicking the images below.

Each SEEN Leader Guide includes 12 lessons, Bible commentary & Bible culture clues, expert resource articles (topics include helping teens in crisis and understanding trauma), in-lesson teacher tips to help deal with sticky situations, and bonus material to help with hard questions.

SEEN Student Guide includes journal space, Scripture excerpts & Bible verses, discussion questions, & weekly challenges for further study.

SEEN Digital Resources include downloadable resources to accompany and enhance quarterly printed resources.

Digital Card Samples

For each lesson, there are accompanying video resources on the Seen Digital Card. Watch the Intro video for Quarter 1, Unit 1. This resource can be used in various ways: show it to your leaders and have an in-person, online or text discussion about the themes before you begin the unit, show it during the first lesson of the unit to introduce your students to the concepts, or break up the segments of the video and use as discussion starters for any of the four lessons of Unit 1.

Scope & Sequence


3 Year Scope & Sequence
Bible Translation: NIV
Time frame: 60 minutes
Grades: Junior High & High School
Ages: Designed to be used for both young teen and high school, with optional deeper questions for high school/more sophisticated students.
Format: Both the traditional quarterly Sunday school model and for modular use. Able to be used for the typical Sunday school classroom or for a large group/small group format.

  • The print (plus digital) curriculum quarters will be released on a typical quarterly schedule, with the first quarter of Year 1 beginning in September of 2020.
  • Each quarter of digital curriculum will be released alongside the printed curriculum.
  • Two special holiday modules will be supplied in digital format (provided as part of the quarterly curriculum, but able to be purchased separately for modular users): a 2-session Christmas focus and a 2-session Easter focus. These 4 lessons will complete the 52 weeks of lesson material provided for each year.

What is a Module?

What is a module? Module is another word for an undated quarter. Since SEEN can be used as both a quarterly, seasonal curriculum (with fall, winter, spring, and summer quarters) and as an undated curriculum (for use on a nonseasonal schedule), we use this word.

What content makes up a quarter (or a module)? Three units make up each module. One unit is focused on spiritual growth, one is focused on character development, and one is focused on practical skills for life. Each unit is made up of four sessions in which essential principles are wrestled with and discussed through a biblical worldview.

  1. How it Works

SEEN Teen Digital Resources

Downloadable resources to accompany and enhance quarterly printed resources.

Features Include: - video resources for each lesson - 12 customizable Leader Guide lesson outlines - 12 reproducible student group discussion cards - PowerPoint visuals for each lesson - memory verse visuals for each lesson - weekly parent connection materials: text and email messages, social media promotional materials - weekly student connection materials: text messages, social media promotional materials - youth curriculum logo graphics

Order 1 per youth class. Each Digital Resource purchased can be shared by up to five leaders.

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