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A strong foundation for a strong church.

Scripture Press builds a solid foundation based on Scripture and a goal for dedicated discipleship. Scripture Press curriculum helps students understand and grow in the knowledge of God's Word.

Features include conservative theology and doctrine, 3-step lesson plan, dual translation NIV/KJV (two year old through High School) and choice of translation for adult NIV or KJV.

Time-tested and trusted for over 75 years, Scripture Press creates a learning experience for the whole family that is based entirely upon the Bible. Scriptures are revered as God's living and active Word, through which God speaks to us today. Lessons are crafted to help each student know what God is saying to him or her personally, and gladly respond to Him as Savior and Lord.

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Bible Translation:
- Dual translation NIV & KJV for 2s & 3s through High School.
- Adult lessons: Choice of NIV or KJV studies.
Time frame: 60 minutes
Format: Classroom Setting
Ages: Toddlers to Adult
Teachers guide students in the three-step process of Focus, Discover, and Respond.
Conservative theology and doctrine
Moderate dispensational emphasis
Pre-millennial, but no single view on time of the rapture

Scope & Sequence:
- 2 Years for Toddlers to Juniors (2 year-olds to Grade 6)
- 3 Years for Young Teen (Grades 6 - 8)
- 4 Years for High School
- 8 Years for Adult Bible Knowledge Series and Disciples Bible Study

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Adult Bible Knowledge (Uses KJV)

Scripture Press Adult Bible Knowledge Image

The Adult Bible Knowledge study offers straightforward, solid, conservative Bible interpretation from the authorized King James Version. The Teaching Guide features questions that are also in the Student Guide, encouraging further discussion and application of truths that the students will have been considering during the week. Teacher's and Student's Guides include scholarly insights, in-depth commentary, and flexible life applications for adult students of all ages.

Adult: Disciples Bible Study (Uses NIV)

Scripture Press Adult: Disciples Bible Study Image

The Disciples Bible Study is designed to challenge adult followers of Christ to engage God's Word in its entirety. The eight-year plan uses the NIV and alternates each quarter between the Old and New Testaments. Using an interactive approach, this Bible study is designed with maps, charts, and photos in both the Leader’s and Student’s guides. Though the verse-by-verse exegesis, students prepare for the upcoming study by digging into God's Word in advance, working through the same in-depth commentary that the leader has. The Leader's Guide has additional insights, applications, and in-class activities along the side margins to further facilitate class discussion and learning. This model of Bible study encourages a more active learning process, with Bible-study leaders and students interacting together throughout the biblical analysis.

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