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Connects everyday conversations to biblical wisdom.

Since 1964, Bible-in-Life has brought generations together and brought God’s Word to life with theologically balanced, biblically based lesson plans for every age, every stage and every day.

Bible-in-Life has fresh ways to reach every student in every Sunday school class! David C Cook's most widely used curriculum focuses on four fundamental goals: Connect, Teach, Apply, Motivate.

No matter where students are in their walk with Jesus, Bible-in-Life communicates the gospel with life-changing clarity, inspiring people of all ages to know God and make Him known.

How It Works

Each week, across all age levels, Bible-in-Life students focus on these four areas:

• Connecting with each other and with God’s Word
• Studying God’s Word together
• Interacting with God’s Word to find key themes and takeaways
• Responding to God’s Word by applying it to life
NEW Lesson Videos for Preschool / Early Elementary and for Upper Elementary ages. These 3–4 minute video segments show children living out their faith in everyday life!


  • Unified Themes: Unified scope and sequence with three themes per quarter (Preschool-Early Elementary, and Elementary through High School)
  • Adult Curriculum follows ISSL (International Sunday School Lectionary, a 6-year scope and sequence cycle)
  • Bible Translation: Uses NIV; Adult Comprehensive Bible Study contains parallel KJV & NIV
  • Time frame: 60 minutes, with added activities for more time if necessary
  • Ages & Grades: Toddlers (2 year-olds) to Adult
  • Biblically Trustworthy & Theologically Sound without taking specific denominational positions.
  • Easy Teacher Preparation
  • Personal Application: Encourages life application throughout the week for all ages.
  • Format: Classroom Setting

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